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LSU’s Online Construction Management Programs Are Perfect for Military Veterans

Newsroom | Articles Feb. 9, 2024
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Transitioning from military service to civilian life? The construction industry provides an excellent career option. LSU Online & Continuing Education offers several construction management degrees and certificates that help you take advantage of the skills you gained during military service. These programs empower you to put your valuable skills to use while supporting your educational and professional goals. 

Why Construction Management Works for Veterans 

Moving from military service to the construction industry can be easier than moving to other fields since you can use the skills and values you acquired during service. Here are some top reasons construction management is a good career choice for veterans: 

  • Community Connection 
    • The military and the construction industry thrive on a strong sense of community. Veterans can find familiar ground in a construction environment that values collaboration, shared goals, and a collective commitment to success. 
  • Direct Use of Military Skills 
    • Some qualities achieved in the military, such as the bias for hard work, discipline, and attention to detail, can be directly applied in the construction industry. The sense of structure learned during military service can become a powerful asset on construction projects. 
  • Purposeful Work 
    • Construction management offers veterans the chance to continue engaging in purpose-driven work. Building structures and shaping communities align with the deep-rooted sense of purpose instilled in military service.  
  • Adaptability, Teamwork, and Safety 
    • Adaptability, teamwork, and a commitment to safety are essential to both military service and the construction industry. Military veterans have often navigated dynamic and challenging environments to build those skills. This experience can help you adapt to the fast-paced construction world. 

Online Construction Management Programs from LSU  

The online construction management programs from LSU are ideal for those seeking work in various areas of the construction field. These programs equip you with practical skills and open pathways to roles such as construction managers, project supervisors, and industry consultants.

Get Unmatched Military Support at LSU Online 

LSU Online proudly supports military students. Our flexible online programs accommodate the unique schedules of service members. Additionally, we have dedicated resources and military support services that promote a smooth academic journey for veterans. 

Explore LSU Online's services for military students. 
Ready to start your educational journey? Learn more about our construction management programs, and apply now! Or, connect with an Enrollment Coach for support. 

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