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Online Student Experience

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LSU offers an exceptional online experience for students from the state’s flagship institution. In such a fast-paced, ever-changing world, the flexibility of online distance learning is a perfect fit for professionals in all stages of their career. LSU is here to support, encourage, and guide students to success.

Ownership and Empowerment

Each student sets the pace and schedule for their own program, allowing them to work when it is most convenient and constructive for them. This empowers students to take charge of their education and strive to meet their goals.

Flexibility is Key

LSU’s online courses are structured so that students can get the most out of their experience on their own schedule. The faculty and staff at LSU are well-versed in providing instruction and guidance on a consistent basis so that students can access the information they need when they have the time to really absorb it.

Personal Touch

From the moment a prospective student requests information, they are partnered with a concierge to guide them through the enrollment process. They have the freedom and opportunity to investigate LSU’s programs completely on their own, to discuss them in depth with an informed, compassionate guide, or any variation in between. This customized, personal service sets LSU’s program apart from other institutions, and gives students the confidence to continue their journey forward.


Throughout a students’ progress in a program, they have access to technical support, course advisement, guidance on scheduling, and assistance when they need to contact the faculty directly. No student falls through the cracks or gets lost in the system. This direct, consistent attention bolsters the confidence and success of all LSU Online students.

Hear From Our Students

LSU online students around the world overwhelmingly recommend LSU’s online degree and certificate programs.

“I have more time to focus because I don’t have to worry about juggling going to work and handling school, because it’s always there at my convenience.”

“If you want that online convenience, if you want a quality education, LSU online is the place to be. . . . I wouldn’t be graduating from the program if I didn’t believe in it!”

“The student controls the learning.”