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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the price of tuition for an online class?

The price of tuition varies among the LSU online programs per credit hour. Please refer to the program page for specific prices.

Why and what is a provisional admission in the Graduate School?

Provisional admission is granted when students appear to be admissible on the basis of submitted credentials. Most provisional admissions are granted because student applications are missing required documents: official transcripts from all schools attended and/or official test scores. The Graduate School will notify you via the email listed on your application of any documents missing if you are admitted provisionally. You have until the end of the first enrolled module to provide official documents.

What does it mean if I am admitted on probation to the Graduate School?

Probational admission is granted when there are deficiencies in the student’s academic record. You are required to maintain a 3.0 (or higher if the department stipulates) grade point average in all modules or you may be academically dropped.

Do I have a student ID number as an online student?

Yes, the first place to find this is on your decision letter. LSU cannot mail you your LSU ID number for security purposes.

Do I get a student ID card?

Students in a LSU Online program may apply for and receive an LSU ID card (“Tiger Card”). Contact your Student Success Coach for assistance obtaining your ID card.

What does it mean if my graduate application is “under review by the department”?

Graduate programs at LSU recommend admission decisions to the Graduate School. Upon receiving sufficient application materials for review, departments notify the Graduate School of their admissions recommendation. The Graduate School then processes the application, evaluates all transcripts and makes the final decision on admission. To ensure the fastest decision possible ensure you have sent ALL required documents to the Graduate School.

LSU Online mailing address (for Graduate School Programs):

You can send transcripts and other relevant documents to:

The Graduate School
Louisiana State University
114 David Boyd, Baton Rouge, LA 70803

LSU Online mailing address (for Undergraduate/Certificate Programs):

You can send transcripts and other relevant documents to:

LSU Office of Enrollment Management
1146 Pleasant Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Do I need to request LSU transcripts for LSU Online?

If you attended LSU A&M in Baton Rouge, you do NOT need to request your LSU transcript. However, if you attended any other LSU campus including the Law School, please request that official transcripts be sent to the appropriate PO Box listed above or to admissions@lsu.edu.

Do I ever need to appear at the LSU campus for LSU Online programs?

No, you do not. LSU Online programs are 100% online and require no on-campus appearance. Check with your program for any activities or events that may be available to you should be in the Baton Rouge area.

I have been admitted: Now what do I do?

After submission of your application you received an email with PAWS lite account information, including a temporary LSU ID number. This will remain your ID number upon admission so please keep the information in a safe place. The PAWS account allows you to log in to your LSU email account. After admission, you will receive an orientation letter in your LSU email account with information regarding your registration, orientation, and other details about your graduate or post-baccalaureate education at LSU Online.

Do I have to attend orientation?

LSU Online Orientation is available virtually. Upon admission, you will receive an email in your LSU email account which provides links to orientation information.

How do I find out who my advisor and/or class instructor is?

Your advisor will be assigned by your department. Feel free to contact your department for specifics as to who your instructor will be for a class. Generally, Moodle (the class delivery system) displays class information at least 10 to 14 days before the class begins. Instructions for Moodle are covered in the LSU Online Orientation.

Is financial aid available for online students?

Yes, students in an LSU Online graduate program may be eligible for financial aid. For more information email your questions to lsuonlinefinaid@lsu.edu.

I sent a transcript in already, what is an “official” transcript and why do I need to send another?

An official transcript bears the official seal of the issuing school. Photocopies, facsimiles, or transcripts marked “issued to student” are not official. For example, official transcripts must arrive at the LSU Graduate School in a sealed envelope with a college registrar seal or they may be sent electronically from a college or vendor directly to the Graduate School. Please Do NOT receive electronic transcripts yourself or have them sent to the department; transcripts delivered in this way are unofficial and an official one will be requested.