Learner concierge listening to online student while she checks the student’s record online

Student Support

The success of every student is paramount to LSU and its online programs. LSU provides multiple student support services to ensure that no matter where they are, students can access their distance learning coursework, exams, and all helpdesk and technical resources.

As the state’s flagship institution, LSU understands that online students face different challenges than those of on-campus students. From the first inquiry about online learning, through the completion of their coursework, all students have access to a team of people dedicated to providing knowledgeable support.

Enrollment Concierge

LSU’s Enrollment Concierges are experts on all of the university’s online distance learning programs, and how they compare to the competition. With knowledge, patience, and compassion, they easily navigate the enrollment process with students, and offer support in multiple areas, including:

  • General Information About Programs and Credentials
  • Guidance in Prerequisites, Academic Planning, and Credit Transfers
  • Financial Aid
  • Assistance With the Application and Enrollment Processes

Learner Concierge

Each prospective and enrolled student is partnered with a Learner Concierge who will follow the student’s progress and offer non-academic support throughout their experience with LSU’s online distance learning programs. The Learner Concierge’s goal is to:

  • Serve as the Contact Between Online Students and the Various University Departments
  • Seamlessly Handle Any Issues That May Arise on Behalf of the Student
  • Support Each Student, Helping to Identify and Resolve Potential Issues

LSU is dedicated to supporting each and every online student, knowing how important it is to have a person to call. LSU’s Enrollment and Learner Concierges are compassionate, informed, and eager to help you.

Contact Us With Any Questions

Courtney Kirschner
Enrollment Concierge

Keith Grant
Enrollment Concierge

Lolita Bond
Enrollment Concierge

Sarah Simmons
Enrollment Concierge

Niki Brandi
Learner Concierge

Heidi Guercio
Learner Concierge

Brad Dickson
Learner Concierge

Allyson Barker
Learner Concierge