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Online Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

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Application Deadline: July 22, 2024

Fall 1 2024 classes start on August 26, 2024

Understand the Role of Religion in the Development of Profound Human Culture

LSU Alexandria

Earn your Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from top-ranked LSU Alexandria. Our program allows students to study the major belief systems, spiritual practices, and scriptures that have influenced human history and led to profound human experience.  The program prepares students for successful careers in a wide range of fields, including ministry, teaching, journalism, politics, education, nonprofit businesses, and publishing. Students are nurtured in self-knowledge and self-confidence.  Students acquire the soft skills that employers are looking for: critical thinking, teamwork, and compassion for self and others.  Program graduates are supported as they advance to a more focused study in graduate school, professional school, chaplain school, or divinity school. Graduates may also pursue a counseling degree at the graduate level. 

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LSUA's online programs provide you the opportunity to synchronously interact with instructors (in real-time) via video conferencing and other technologies in a flexible format that fits your busy schedule. These sessions also allow engagement with course content and build a community among our online students.

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What will you be studying

Students of the Bachelor of Arts program in Religious Studies can expect to gain a comprehensive, comparative, and thorough understanding of the major religious belief systems, practices, and sacred scriptures, including their origins and history, that have impacted human culture and history. They will have opportunities to grow academically and spiritually by exposure to theory and practice.

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Comprehensive course offerings

Developed from experienced faculty, our curriculum for the B.A. program in Religious Studies will additionally study the rituals, sacred practices, and sacred texts that have shaped culture and profound human thought and experience. Students will be exposed as well to the expert practitioners: the Mystics, Sufi, Gurus, Bodhisattvas, and Saints who have explored the profound experience of the spiritual realm and have testified to its liberating effect. Students will be given opportunities to explore spiritual practices that have led to happiness and peace.

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Top ranked

LSUA ranked #3 on's list of the most Affordable Online Bachelor's Degree for 2022.

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Total credit hours per program: 120 credit hours

Cost per credit hour: $325

Total cost with fees and maximum amount of credits allowed to transfer into the program: $9,750

Total cost with fees: $39,000

The final cost of this program will be determined once all transfer credits are evaluated. Transfer credits may apply for up to 75% of degree requirements. Your academic advisor will work with you to determine if and how any prior college credits earned will apply toward your LSUA degree. For further information about the approval for transfer credits and other requirements, please visit this site.

LSU Online offers financial aid to those who qualify.

The total cost above does not include transfer credit or financial aid. Cost per credit hour and fees are subject to change. Fee schedules may vary by program depending on course-specific fees for proctoring and/or books. Please contact a Student Success Coach for more information.

Course Listings

General Education Requirements

  • ENGL 1001 English Composition I | 3 Credit Hours
  • ENGL 1002 English Composition II | 3 Credit Hours
  • General Education Social Science | 6 Credit Hours
  • General Education Math | 6 Credit Hours
  • General Education Biology | 3 Credit Hours
  • General Education Natural Sciences | 6 Credit Hours
  • General Education Communications | 3 Credit Hours
  • General Education Philosophy | 3 Credit Hours
  • General Education History | 3 Credit Hours
  • General Education Fine Arts | 3 Credit Hours

Major Requirements

  • RELG 1004 - Old Testament | Credit Hours: 3
  • RELG 1005 - Introduction to New Testament | Credit Hours: 3
  • RELG 2025 - World Religion | Credit Hours: 3
  • RELG 3029 - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam | Credit Hours: 3
  • RELG 3030 - Religion in America | Credit Hours: 3
  • RELG 4010 - History of Christian Thought to the 16th Century | Credit Hours: 3
  • RELG 4027 - Asian Religions | Credit Hours: 3
  • Religious Studies Electives | Credit Hours: 9

Additional Requirements

  • Foreign Language Electives Credits: 6
  • Free Electives/Completion of Minor Credits: 45

Admission Requirements

For university acceptance, first-time freshman must meet the following criteria:

  • Complete high school Core curriculum for college readiness in place at time of high school graduation
  • Not be required to take more than one developmental course
  • Have a high school grade point average of at least 2.0
  • Meet one of the following:
    • Have an ACT composite of 20 or higher
    • Have a high school Core grade point average of at least 2.0


Transfer students to LSUA must meet one of the following sets of criteria:

  • Have earned a transferable associate degree or higher
  • Have earned at least 18 hours of college-level credit, including a college-level English and college-level mathematics course, with a grade of “C” or higher in each, and an overall GPA of at least 2.0
  • Have earned at least 12 hours of college-level credit from LSUE or CLTCC Bridge Program, including a college-level English and college-level mathematics course, with a grade of “C” or higher in each, and an overall GPA of at least 2.0.
  • If the above are not met, meet freshman admission requirements and be in good standing with their previous institution

Career Opportunities

  • Teacher
  • Professor
  • Chaplain
  • Non-profit or Foundation
  • Human Resources
  • Religious Charity Office
  • Pastor
  • Youth Director
  • Cultural and Religious Historian
  • Missionary
  • Communication Director in Organization

What Will I Learn?

Students who graduate with an online degree in religious studies will gain an interdisciplinary education that allows them to develop practical skills while gaining an understanding of the major religious belief systems.

Student learning outcomes:

  • Graduates will write clearly and effectively for a variety of purposes and audiences.
  • Graduates will interpret religions critically and academically, taking into account cultural and historical contexts.

Why Choose This Program?

Why choose LSUA’s online Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies?

Students interested in preparing for careers in teaching, ministry, public service, or counseling can greatly benefit from this degree program. LSUA’s affordable online religious studies degree provides students the necessary foundation to understand the major religious belief systems, their practices, and their histories. The coursework builds transferable skills such as reading, writing, and research, so graduates can also pursue several other careers or graduate school if they choose. As classes are 100% online, the program is ideal for working professionals or other nontraditional students.

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