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How the Online Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies Can Prepare You for the Modern World

Newsroom | From the Faculty June 19, 2024
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From the Faculty and Students in Online Religious Studies at LSU Alexandria  

The world is increasingly becoming interconnected and pluralistic. Human beings travel easily, and corporations are hiring professionals from all over the world. The liberal arts and religious studies, in particular, prepare students for the skills that employers seek in many different professional fields. Regardless of your religious beliefs, understanding the multifaceted impact of religion is essential for navigating and succeeding in a diverse and interconnected world.   
Many successful people have prepared themselves for the future by majoring in religious studies. As the world adjusts to artificial intelligence, Religious Studies continues to educate students on what is distinctive about human beings.  Every culture has some form of religion. It often explores some of humanity’s most essential questions: Who are human beings? What are they like?  
Does this philosophical field interest you? Learn more about the online Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from LSU Alexandria and how it can contribute to your career.  

What skills will I acquire studying religious texts, world religions, and the history of religion?  

Religious studies majors at LSUA acquire durable skills that train critical thinking and empathy, leadership dispositions, cross-cultural understanding, and effective communication. Religious studies majors connect well with diverse peoples because they have broadened their horizons to understand different traditions, diverse religious rituals, texts, and understandings of the spiritual realm. Majors understand how religion addresses the human situation and meets deep human needs. Students also develop an academic disposition that allows them to be open to other people and traditions. Students learn to be non-judgmental.    

What professions will a degree in Religious Studies prepare me for?  

Religious Studies majors and minors go into education, non-profit business, diplomacy, religious leadership positions, public service, medicine, diversity officer positions, hospital and prison chaplaincy, as well as graduate school, Divinity school, and seminary.   

What kinds of courses will I take?  

In addition to general education courses and a foreign language, students will study Christian and Jewish scripture, the monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), world religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, for example), the history of Christian thought dating back to the first century, African religions, American religions, introduction to religion, and special courses like “The Happiness Experiment.”  

About the Online Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from LSU Alexandria 

In this online program, your professors will get to know you as a person. They will advise and mentor you for your unique academic and career interests. Students in this major get to know each other and experience a sense of community in their shared learning experiences. Religious Studies also offers a Directed Study in Religion that will allow you to develop your research interests in a unique way. Faculty members mentor students who are interested in being published in the Oak Leaf, presenting at the LSUA Humanities Conference, and participating in LSUA’s Scholar Day.  
The degree in Religious Studies also encourages students to earn minors like the International Studies minor, the Philosophy minor, or the Psychology minor because of the generous 42 elective credits. In addition, most students seeking a second Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies can graduate within a year or three semesters if they attend full-time. Overall, this program offers an interesting way to help you develop a broad skill set that is in high demand across industries. 
Start your educational journey with LSU Alexandria’s online BA in Religious Studies. Learn more about the program, or apply today!  

Explore the online BA in Religious Studies from LSU Alexandria!

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