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Why Pursue a Career in Healthcare Administration?

Newsroom | From the Faculty Nov. 14, 2023
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The healthcare industry is at the forefront of global demand in the job market with record growth predicted over the next decade. While doctors and nurses are often the first professions that come to mind, there's another crucial role that makes a profound impact: healthcare administration. With the growing complexity and challenges of healthcare, administrators are instrumental in navigating this landscape. Choosing a career in healthcare administration can be personally fulfilling and professionally rewarding.  
Learn more about why you should consider a career in healthcare administration and how the online Bachelor of Science in Health Professions with a concentration in Healthcare Administration from LSU Alexandria can be your gateway to critical roles within the field. 

What is Healthcare Administration, and is it Worth Pursuing? 

Healthcare administration is the backbone of the healthcare industry, ensuring the smooth functioning of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities. It encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including managing healthcare staff, overseeing finances, maintaining compliance with regulations, and optimizing patient satisfaction. With the healthcare sector experiencing consistent growth, there's an increasing demand for skilled professionals in healthcare administration.  
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of medical and health services managers is projected to grow a staggering 28 percent from 2022 to 2032, significantly faster than the average for all occupations. This growth translates to about 54,700 openings for healthcare leaders projected each year, on average, over the coming decade. Additionally, the median annual wage for medical and health services managers was $104,830 in May 2022. With the increasing complexity of healthcare systems and the need for effective leadership, healthcare administration is becoming a crucial part of the industry. 

Healthcare Administration is Essential  

Healthcare administrators are instrumental in upholding the effectiveness of healthcare services. They manage the daily operations of healthcare facilities, from organizing staff schedules to handling budgets. With people being the number one resource in healthcare, effective healthcare leadership is vital to the success of any healthcare organization. 

Make an Impact on Patient Care 

Although healthcare administrators may not provide direct patient care, their work significantly impacts patient well-being and patient experience. Many students in our program currently work in patient care and desire to have a greater impact by transitioning to administration. LSU Alexandria’s partnership with LSU Online allows healthcare professionals in clinical roles to continue working while in our program learning vital skills necessary for the transition. 

Experience Diverse Career Opportunities and Growth 

An education in healthcare administration can open doors to career growth and leadership opportunities. Whether you aspire to be a hospital administrator, health information manager, healthcare consultant, or nursing home administrator, this field offers a diverse range of options with endless growth potential in the profession.  
Employers in the healthcare sector seek professionals with administration skills deeply rooted in healthcare knowledge. They also value soft skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, team leadership, and motivation. By earning these in-demand skills, you can chart a path to diverse opportunities in a career that allows you to impact lives every day. 

Study Healthcare Administration with LSU Online & Continuing Education 

If you’re seeking quality and affordable education to enter the field, you’re in the right place. Through LSU Online & Continuing Education, LSU Alexandria offers a degree designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue your career.  
Kickstart your journey to a rewarding career in healthcare with the online Bachelor of Science in Health Professions with a concentration in Healthcare Administration at LSU Alexandria. Learn more about the program, or apply today! 

Explore the online Bachelor of Science in Health Professions with a concentration in Healthcare Administration!


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