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Why Military and Law Enforcement Professionals Should Consider Criminal Justice Studies

Newsroom | Articles Oct. 19, 2023
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In the world of military and law enforcement, the badge or uniform you wear represents more than just a job—it symbolizes a commitment to justice and safety. While the demands of the profession don't necessarily require a degree, there's value in pursuing one. Whether you're already in the field or considering a career in law enforcement, a degree or certificate can open new doors. Higher education can provide opportunities beyond the uniform while improving your skills and career prospects in ways that can benefit you and your community. LSU Online & Continuing Education provides several degree options that can contribute to your success. 

Transferable Skills and Knowledge 

For law enforcement and military professionals, earning a degree in criminal justice is a natural progression that leverages the skills they've already acquired. Your experience in these fields has cultivated skills such as leadership, crisis management, and critical thinking—attributes that align with the demands of a criminal justice degree. As you go through the educational journey, you'll realize how these skills accelerate your academic success and empower you to make a faster and more significant contribution to the field. By bridging your professional background with a criminal justice degree, you’re increasing your overall skill set and improving your ability to protect and serve your community with greater expertise. 

Career Advancement Opportunities 

Earning a criminal justice degree can lead to several career advancement opportunities. In the military, it can pave the way for leadership roles and specialized positions, such as cybersecurity expert and intelligence officer. For police officers, a criminal justice degree fortifies their qualifications and teaches a broader perspective on crime control and community engagement. If you’re pursuing higher-ranking positions, like police chief, a degree can provide the advantage you need. Education is the key to staying competitive and evolving in your career, and a degree through LSU Online can help you achieve those goals.

Diverse Career Pathways 

Criminal justice offers a wide range of career options, from policing and corrections to forensics and private security. A background in military or law enforcement complements these career paths and provides a strong foundation for success. Whether you're interested in working in the courts, corrections, or the FBI, your experience will be valuable in helping you build the career of your dreams. 

Some alternative pathways you can pursue after earning a degree include: 

  • Fire Inspector
  • Victim Advocate
  • Drug and Alcohol Compliance and Enforcement Officer
  • Homeland Security 
  • Crime Scene Investigator  

Criminal Justice Options Available Through LSU Online 

LSU Online & Continuing Education offers access to several programs that can contribute to your educational and career goals: 

  • Online Associate of Science in Criminal Justice: This associate in criminal justice program, offered through LSU Eunice and LSU Online, provides a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system, emphasizing the role of police, courts, and corrections. Graduates are prepared for various positions, including law enforcement officers, drug intervention specialists, cybersecurity experts, and intelligence officers. 
  • Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice: The online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from LSU Alexandria offers a well-rounded education in criminal justice, with elective courses covering a range of specializations, from administration to forensics and correctional management. Graduates are equipped to work effectively in protective services, law and corrections, security management, court administration, and more. 
  • Online Undergraduate Certificate in Criminal Justice: LSU Online and the LSU Alexandria College of Social Science offer an online undergraduate certificate program for those looking to enter or advance in the criminal justice field. With 18 credit hours of quality criminal justice courses, this certificate provides a solid foundation in key areas.

Use Your Past Military and Police Training as Credit Towards Your Degree 

We know that your time in the military or law enforcement has already equipped you with valuable knowledge and skills. LSU Online & Continuing Education prioritizes allowing you to use your knowledge to finish your degree faster and more affordably. Through our Credit for Prior Learning program, we offer a seamless process for applying your training toward your criminal justice degree. This program means you can fast-track your education and focus on acquiring new knowledge and expertise to benefit your career.  
More specifically, LSUA allows you to earn your degree with 30 credit hours (one year of college) awarded for police academy training and Credit for Prior Learning. The skills and knowledge acquired from your professional experience could be recognized as academic coursework. 
Learn more about how you can use your law enforcement or military training to gain credits toward your degree. 

Become a More Effective Law Enforcement Professional with LSU Online  

LSU Online & Continuing Education offers flexible, accessible, high-quality educational options that recognize your prior training and help you achieve your professional goals. Whether you're aiming for leadership positions, specialized roles, or a broader understanding of the criminal justice system, a degree through LSU Online can support your success. Explore our available programs, and apply today!  

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