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Online Associate of Science in Criminal Justice

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Total Credit Hours

Cost Per Credit Hour

Total Credit Hours

Cost Per Credit Hour

Forge Your Future in Criminal Justice

LSU Eunice

Protect and serve your career path by earning the online Associate of Science in Criminal Justice offered through LSU Eunice and LSU Online. Coursework includes insider knowledge - both past and present - on the correctional, criminal, and judicial topics to shape your career. The curriculum is geared towards high school graduates or those already employed in the field. An emphasis is placed on three major components of the criminal justice system: police, courts, and corrections, while critically analyzing technical research in these areas. Students will learn how diversity, equity, and inclusion play a role in the criminal justice system. Additionally, students enrolled in the online Associate of Science in Criminal Justice have the option (as needed) to experience a more personalized approach with continual staff engagement through the nationally-recognized Pathways to Success program. Graduates will be well-positioned to work on the local and state level or private sector as a law enforcement officer, drug intervention specialist, cybersecurity expert and intelligence officer. 

Save Time and Money - Apply your past military training or Police/Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certification to earn credits towards an online AS in Criminal Justice through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).

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The final cost of this program will be determined once all transfer credits are evaluated. For the Associate of Science in Criminal Justice, you are able to transfer up to 75% of previous credits (eligible to transfer).

Total credit hours: 60 credit hours

Cost per credit hour (with fees): $213

Total cost with fees, and the maximum amount of eligible credits allowed to transfer into the program: $3,195

Total cost with fees, no transfer credits, and no financial aid: $12,780

Cost per credit hour and fees are subject to change. Exact fees may vary by program. Please consult an Enrollment Coach for the final program cost.

Course Listings

  • MATH 1015 Applied College Algebra | Credit Hours: 3
  • MATH 1425 Elementary Statistics | Credit Hours: 3
  • ENGL 1001 English Composition | Credit Hours: 3
  • ENGL 1002 English Composition | Credit Hours: 3
  • PSYC 2000 |Introduction to Psychology | Credit Hours: 3
  • BIOL 1001 General Biology | Credit Hours: 3
  • BIOL 1002 General Biology | Credit Hours: 3
  • MUS 1751 Music Appreciation | Credit Hours: 3
  • CMST 1061 Fundamentals of Communication | Credit Hours: 3
  • CJUS 1107 Introduction to Criminal Justice | Credit Hours: 3
  • CJUS 2131 Police Process | Credit Hours: 3
  • CJUS 2132 Judicial Process | Credit Hours: 3
  • CJUS 2133 Correctional Process | Credit Hours: 3
  • CJUS 2153 Criminal and Related Law | Credit Hours: 3
  • EMGT 1500 Emergency Management In High-Threat Situations | Credit Hours: 3
  • SOCL 2001 Introductory Sociology | Credit Hours: 3
  • POLS 2051 American Government | Credit Hours: 3
  • CJUS 2220 Juvenile Delinquency | Credit Hours: 3
  • CJUS 2600 Drugs and Society | Credit Hours: 3
  • EMGT 2000 Leading Through Crisis | Credit Hours: 3

Admission Requirements

For admission requirements, please visit LSUE's Admission Portal.

Career Opportunities

  • law enforcement officer
  • law enforcement staff 
  • drug intervention specialist
  • cybersecurity expert
  • intelligence officer
  • corrections officer
  • state trooper
  • fish and wildlife officer
  • Federal law enforcement 

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