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Why Choose an Online Biology Degree?

Newsroom | From the Faculty July 31, 2023
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Studying biology presents many advantages and exciting opportunities for those interested in exploring and understanding the natural world. This vibrant field involves the study of life, including the basic structure and functions of cells to the remarkable diversity of living organisms. 
A biology degree can open doors to diverse careers. Graduates can find roles in healthcare, education, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, research, and more. Studying biology also empowers students to make informed decisions about their well-being and actively contribute to meaningful societal discussions, including public health.   

About the Online Bachelor of Science in Biology from LSUA 

The online Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Concentration in Modern Biology from LSU Alexandria is an excellent option for students seeking a flexible, top-quality education. The program's curriculum is comprehensive and up-to-date. Classes cover topics like molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, and ecology. In addition, the coursework is engaging, challenging, and designed to foster critical thinking and analytical skills. 

Flexibility for the Modern Lifestyle  

Online learning provides the convenience of accessing course materials, lectures, and assignments at one's own pace. Students who choose this online degree program from LSUA will benefit from the flexibility to balance their education with other responsibilities such as jobs and family. 

Networking Opportunities and Collaborative Learning 

This online degree program also facilitates networking opportunities with students from diverse backgrounds and locations. Collaborative activities such as virtual discussions, group projects, and online forums create an environment for building a strong professional network within the field of biological sciences.  

Affordability without Compromising Quality  

Another significant advantage of this online program is its affordability. The degree eliminates commuting or housing expenses and other costs associated with attending a physical campus. This feature makes online education through LSU Alexandria a practical choice for those seeking an economical pathway to a biology degree.

Build a Lasting Career with an Online Education from LSU Alexandria  

If you are looking for a program that fully prepares you for the field, look no further. The online BS in Biology with a Concentration in Modern Biology from LSUA provides a foundation for a fulfilling career. It also offers flexibility, convenience, access to high-quality education, networking prospects, and cost savings.  
Don't wait to pursue your goals! Take the next step by learning more about this program, or apply today. 

Explore the online BS in Biology with Modern Biology from LSUA!

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