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What is LSUS' New Online MEDCI - Adult Education Program?

Newsroom | From the Faculty Feb. 14, 2023
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The graduate education programs of LSU Shreveport are committed to impacting the future of education and producing the best servant leaders on the planet.

Among our offerings is the new online Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (MEDCI) - Adult Education concentration

As in all our MEDCI offerings, we provide comprehensive, contemporary, and transformative learning experiences for our students. While best instructional practices are often thought of in terms of child and adolescent education, there is a vast "mission field" of learners who are adults.

Many educators serving those adult learners have found themselves cast in that "teacher" role, without the benefit of formal exposure to the knowledge and skills related to the dispatch of best instructional practices. We frequently hear from professionals who "teach" in proprietary schools, religious institutions, community education, higher education institutions, cooperative extension services, the military, correctional facilities, and businesses, who tell us they became teachers without ever learning the craft of teaching. That's sort of like becoming a rocket scientist without ever studying physics.

The online LSUS MEDCI - Adult Education concentration is designed with those folks specifically in mind. We don't think of them as "trainers," but rather, as Lead Learners, who are tasked with optimizing both the individual learning of their organizations' members and the macro-environment of the Learning Organization. If recent research tells us anything, it reveals that Learning Organizations are the only ones that survive in a world of constant transition, turmoil, turnover, and transformation. 

For those who are interested in upping their own learning game, and that of the organizations they serve, we invite you to come join us. Our organization - LSUS, in partnership with LSU Online - needs learners just like you as we up our learning game. Let's learn together. It runs both ways, you know!

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