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What is an Enrollment Coach?

Newsroom | Online Student Info April 13, 2023

Preparing to go back to school is an exciting but complex process that may confuse and frustrate many students, especially if they try to do it without support. The pieces can get overwhelming- students need to figure out application deadlines, collect the correct paperwork, and decide on the best program for their career goals.  
LSU Online’s Enrollment Coaches provide a way for students to receive personalized guidance during the enrollment process from beginning to end, so they don’t have to do it alone. Enrollment Coaches offer assistance with all aspects of enrolling in a program, including submitting an application or answering any questions students may have about the LSU family of institutions. Many students find that working with an Enrollment Coach can increase their sense of accountability and support during the admissions process. 

How do Enrollment Coaches help students applying to LSU Online? 

Enrollment Coaches provide support to prospective learners throughout the process of applying to any of the programs available through LSU Online. They help them understand the various program requirements and will offer specific guidance based on each student’s unique academic needs and desires. Then, when students find a program that is right for them, Enrollment Coaches act as a liaison to connect them to the appropriate admissions office. 

Enrollment Coaches help students with the following: 

  • Answering questions during the research phase of students’ academic journeys
  • Providing information about the various LSU Online programs 
  • Connecting students with financial aid resources 
  • Offering support in finding the right program for students 
  • Assisting with completing program applications 
  • Connecting students to the admissions offices for their desired program 

“My favorite part of this job is when students realize they can do this. They can work around a full-time job; they can work around having kids. When they realize that every problem they came into the phone call with is going to be taken care of,” says Taylor Watson, an Enrollment Coach at LSU Online.  

Get Dedicated Support at LSU Online & Continuing Education

LSU Online & Continuing Education provides access to over 150 online degrees and certificate programs from the LSU family of institutions. These flexible courses can help students reach their educational goals at an accredited, affordable university. Our high-quality, respected programs also give students the knowledge and skills to become successful in their chosen fields. All degrees are 100% online, so students can learn course material in a way that fits their schedules. If you have questions or want help completing your application, connect with an Enrollment Coach and take advantage of our dedicated support system today!  

Ready to reach your goals?

Take the first step forward by completing the form and our enrollment team will contact you soon to discuss:

  • What program meets your academic and career goals
  • Financial aid options (employer funding, military benefits)
  • Receiving credit for past education (transfer, professional development)
  • The admissions process and timeline
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