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What is a Student Success Coach?

Newsroom | Online Student Info Aug. 14, 2023
Student Success Coaches

Online programs can be a convenient and flexible way to get the education you need, but getting started is often tough to do alone.  
To support you every step of the way, LSU Online provides a dedicated team of Student Success Coaches who serve as your unwavering allies throughout your academic journey. LSU Online's Student Success Coaches act as liaisons, resource providers, advocates, and trusted mentors on your path to success.  
Learn how our Coaches help you thrive during your online learning experience! 

Act as Liaisons and Communication Experts 

As a vital link between students and the campus community, Student Success Coaches act as your dependable communication channels. If you encounter challenges reaching campus personnel, your Success Coach is there to bridge the gap. They promptly respond to your inquiries via phone, email, or text message, ensuring you receive the assistance you need as quickly as possible. Whether they are redirecting you to the right personnel or reaching out to campus departments on your behalf, your Success Coaches are committed to keeping the lines of communication open. 

Guide You to Resources 

Navigating the vast array of campus resources and services can be overwhelming, especially in an online learning environment. Fortunately, your Student Success Coaches are well-versed in the various support systems available to you. They provide valuable guidance by directing you to the relevant contacts, websites, and resources for campus admissions, IT assistance, financial aid, advisor information, registration deadlines, class start dates, and more. By equipping you with the necessary information, your Success Coach ensures that you can make informed decisions and access the support you need when you need it. 

Build a Personalized Student Management Plan 

Your Student Success Coaches are dedicated to establishing a personal connection with you. They serve as your primary point of contact from the moment you are admitted until the day you graduate. By developing a comprehensive student management plan tailored to your unique needs, your Success Coach delivers personalized support throughout your academic journey. Regular check-ins, based on your enrollment status and general student needs, enable them to monitor your progress and provide guidance and encouragement. These check-ins can be customized to align with your preferred communication methods and desired frequency. During challenging terms or semesters, your Success Coach goes the extra mile by sending "good luck" emails for finals week and providing encouraging texts or phone calls. Their attentive approach creates an environment of support and motivation, empowering you to thrive academically. 

Advocate for Your Success 

As your advocates, your Student Success Coaches are dedicated to your overall well-being and academic success. They actively listen to your concerns, address any reported issues, and follow up to ensure resolution. If necessary, they escalate matters to the Retention Manager so no obstacle hinders your progress.  
While your Coaches are fully committed to your academic success, it's important to note that there are certain duties beyond the scope of a Student Success Coach's responsibilities, such as academic advising, financial aid advising, grading or coursework disputes, academic and admissions appeals, campus-specific grievances, and professor grievances. In such cases, your Success Coach will provide guidance and direct you to the appropriate department, individual, or third-party organization for assistance. 

What Our Learners Say About Student Success Coaches 

“[The Student Success Coach’s] presence throughout my journey was nothing short of remarkable. She was kind, helpful, caring, and not overbearing. Each time I reached out with questions or concerns, she was quick to respond. I felt thoroughly supported each step of the way and never felt pressured or bothered by her reaching out to me… I firmly believe that she was a key part in my success and connection.” - Traci C., Online LSUS MBA  
“[The Student Success Coach] made a difference in my experience here at LSUA. So glad I selected this university to finally finish my degree. The concierge service is an awesome, valuable program.” - Katina J., Online LSUA Graduate 
“[The Student Success Coach is] a life saver! I look forward to speaking with her again.” - Online LSUE Student 
“[The Student Success Coach] kept in touch throughout my time at LSUE, answering all questions I had and assisting me whenever I needed help.” - Online LSUE Graduate 
“[The Student Success Coach] was a true resource and source of motivation as I moved through the program... I was planning to throw in the towel and his call encouraged me to go ahead and register for the next class." - Online LSU Student 
“Once again, [the Student Success Coach] single-handedly carried me through school and I appreciate her so much! Thank you!” - KT, Online LSU Student 
"Thank you so much for your help throughout this process. You really helped to make this extremely anxiety-inducing situation seem more manageable.” - A. Farina, Online LSU Student

Receive Long-lasting Support with LSU Online & Continuing Education 

At LSU Online, the role of Student Success Coaches goes beyond mere support. They serve as your liaison, communicator, resource provider, and advocate. They also offer you meaningful guidance and assistance throughout your educational journey. From connecting you to campus resources and addressing your concerns to delivering personalized support and encouragement, your Coach is committed to helping you reach your potential. By embracing the partnership with your Student Success Coach, you gain a valuable ally who will empower you to overcome challenges and achieve your academic goals at LSU Online. 

Ready to take the next step? Explore our programs and start your educational journey today! Or, connect with the Student Success team by phone at 833-280-5634 or email at  

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