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What is a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) degree, and is it worth earning?

Newsroom | Articles April 12, 2023
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The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) degree is a unique program that provides students with a career-focused curriculum designed to meet the demands of today's job market. This degree is specifically designed for those who have already earned an associate degree or have completed college credits, as it allows students to build upon their previous academic experiences and gain the skills necessary to advance in their careers.

Why pursue a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) degree?

One of the primary benefits of pursuing a BAAS is the ability to customize the degree to fit your specific career goals. The curriculum is typically flexible and allows students to choose from a variety of courses that are relevant to their chosen field. This means that students can focus on developing the knowledge that is most valuable in their desired profession, potentially increasing their marketability to potential employers.

Another advantage of earning a BAAS is the potential for career advancement. Many employers are looking for candidates who have a certain level of education and specialized skills, and a BAAS can provide the competitive edge needed to secure a promotion or higher-paying position. Additionally, a BAAS can open up opportunities for students to explore new career paths or transition into a different industry altogether.

One significant reason to pursue a BAAS is the ability to make the most out of your previously earned college credits. Degree seekers who have already completed some college coursework or earned an associate degree can apply those credits toward their BAAS, saving time and money by not having to retake courses they have already completed. Ultimately, a BAAS can be faster and more affordable than starting from scratch.

Common misconceptions about the BAAS

Is the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) respected?

Despite its many advantages, some misconceptions exist surrounding the BAAS degree. One of the most common ones is that it is not well-respected by employers. However, this is simply not true. In fact, many employers value the practical skills and specialized knowledge that BAAS graduates bring.

Is the BAAS the same as a BA or BS?

Another common misconception about this degree is that it is the same as a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. However, the BAAS degree program is specifically designed to build upon a technical and applied sciences foundation. Unlike traditional BA or BS programs, BAAS degree programs incorporate technical skills that graduates can use immediately in the workforce. This degree program also typically combines academic coursework with practical training, allowing students to gain real-world experience while learning the theoretical and scientific principles underlying their field of study.

Is a BAAS worth earning?

Yes! In today's job market, a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree can be a valuable asset for anyone looking to advance their career, pursue a new profession, or apply to graduate schools. The skills and knowledge gained from a BAAS program are extremely relevant to the demands of the workforce, and graduates are equally as competitive and desirable to employers as those with a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts. Additionally, the ability to customize your degree to fit your specific career goals allows you to focus on the topics most important to you. This makes the degree ideal for students who want a customizable degree program.

Start Your Education Journey with LSU Alexandria and LSU Online

LSU Alexandria’s online Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences is an excellent option for students looking to earn this versatile degree. Our affordable program allows students to transfer up to 60 credits from their associate program. The curriculum includes courses on business, management, leadership development, and more. Through LSU Online, students will engage in a flexible learning environment that allows them to complete coursework on their schedule.

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