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What can I do with an international business MBA?

Newsroom | Articles Feb. 15, 2022
International Business Port Scene

As communication across global borders increases, so will the chance to participate in global business ventures. If you want to take advantage of the opportunities in the field, an MBA in International Business can support you. This versatile degree will allow you to gain a broad background in both business and global business management.

Graduates of an International Business MBA program can find many fulfilling careers in private and public sectors within the global market.

Are you unsure of what jobs you can hold with an international business MBA? Below, we have compiled a list of a few potential pathways available for people interested in a global career.

Global Marketing Director

As a global marketing director, you would implement strategic international marketing plans for businesses, especially transnational corporations. This position requires significant expertise from a well-rounded and adaptable professional. The person in this role is responsible for planning and executing a company’s marketing interests.

International Sales Manager

International sales managers are responsible for increasing profits in current markets. They may also expand a business into new territories and make sales projections. These professionals will develop business plans for customer acquisition in various markets to help the company meet its revenue goals.

This role may require some supervising tasks. Sales managers often lead a team of sales professionals to execute action plans. International sales managers may also create competitive pricing models that keep their companies within the necessary profit margins.

International Trade Compliance Manager

As an international trade compliance manager, you will manage your company’s adherence to all international laws for global trade. Professionals in this position should be experts in foreign and domestic trade practices, logistics, and international law.

International Logistics Coordinator

An international logistics coordinator will have many jobs. Tasks include taking care of the purchasing, warehousing, distribution, forecasting, and customer service of corporations that stretch across nations. As a coordinator, you may also manage the human resources and logistics systems in daily operations.

Brand and Product Development Coordinator

Brand and product development coordinators can have many duties. These professionals often have to choose the appropriate prices and packaging for a product or service. They may also plan marketing campaigns and promotions. One of the top projects in this position involves making sure that all products, services, and product lines engage their audiences.

Risk Management Director

Risk management directors often have the task of securing the people, assets, and processes across an organization. In this role, you will create risk management programs to lower any potential threats to a company's operations or public reputation.

A risk management director will likely collaborate with other high-level employees in the company. Such responsibilities mean that directors will need to practice excellent communication to be successful. Problem-solving skills are also necessary. Directors need these skills to investigate incidents and resolve pressing issues.

Supply Chain Management Director

As a supply chain director, you will manage the supply chain and logistics operations. The job includes handling everything from purchasing the raw materials to the delivery of the final product.

The role also involves building strategies for different markets. You may even manage vendors. Supply chain managers will also work with other teams to maximize efficiency and minimize costs in an international supply chain.

What Salary Can I Make With an MBA in International Business?

Are you wondering how much money you can make in the jobs listed above? You would be in good company. Many business students worry that getting this degree will not have financial benefits. However, that is not true!

According to PayScale, graduates with an MBA in International Business make an average of $96,700 per year.

Of course, the salary can vary based on several factors. Your exact position, location, industry, and job experience all matter. Still, based on the available data, an international business MBA is generally a profitable degree.

Earn Your MBA in International Business With LSU Online

A master’s degree in international business gives you skills to take yourself on a career journey across the world. Are you ready to get started? Take some time to learn about LSU Online’s Master of Business Administration with an International Business Concentration. Start preparing for your future today!

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