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How to Decide Between the LSU BS in Business Analytics and the BS in General Business: Business Analytics

Newsroom | Articles March 6, 2024
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Choosing the right business degree can be daunting, especially when faced with seemingly similar options like the online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Analytics and the online Bachelor of Science (BS) in General Business: Business Analytics from LSU. While both involve data analysis, they cater to different learning styles and career goals.  
Learn more about the key differences to help you find the perfect fit! 

Depth vs. Breadth 

  • BS in Business Analytics - This program immerses you in the world of data, offering three core courses focusing on descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and visual analytics. Students will also take 12 hours of business analytics courses that they will select from various business disciplines. Expect to hone your technical skills with tools like SQL and Tableau and become an analytics specialist in this program. 
  • BS in General Business: Business Analytics -This concentration within the broader business program offers three core analytics courses along with several electives of your choosing. Gain a solid foundation in data analysis while exploring other business areas like marketing or finance, developing well-rounded business acumen. 

Flexibility vs. Specificity 

  • BS in Business Analytics - With limited elective options, this program emphasizes a focused path toward careers in data science, analytics consulting, business intelligence, or research. Prepare for specific roles with in-depth technical knowledge. 
  • BS in General Business: Business Analytics - Enjoy the flexibility of electives to tailor your studies to your interests. Explore marketing, human resource management, accounting or financial modeling, building adaptable skills for diverse business roles that involve working with data. 

Career Focus 

  • BS in Business Analytics - Graduates land careers like data scientists, data analyst, business intelligence analyst, marketing analyst, HR analyst, or quantitative analysts. You'll be well-equipped for technical roles requiring deep analytical expertise. 
  • BS in General Business: Business Analytics - Graduates enter careers in marketing, finance, or consulting, leveraging their analytics skills alongside broader business knowledge. This path suits those seeking adaptability and diverse career options. 

Choosing the Right Path 

Here are some helpful questions to consider when determining your best degree path:

  • Are you passionate about data analysis? Do you envision a technical career? The BS in Business Analytics offers an ideal pathway forward. 
  • Do you value flexibility and enjoy exploring different business areas? The BS in General Business: Business Analytics provides wider opportunities. 
  • Consider your interests and career goals. The best business analytics degree for you will align with your personal aspirations. 

If you still need help deciding, explore each program page or talk to an Enrollment Coach for additional insights. 

Start Your Business Journey with LSU Online  

Whether you're drawn to the intricacies of data analysis or desire to explore a broader business landscape, both the online Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics and the online Bachelor of Science in General Business: Business Analytics can propel you towards success. With their innovative online format, you can gain valuable knowledge and skills while balancing work, family, and other commitments. 
LSU Online is here to support you every step of the way. Contact an Enrollment Coach to discuss your goals, or apply to your program today!  

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