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An MBA in International Business Can Lead to a Global Adventure

Newsroom | Articles Oct. 15, 2021
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Many of the products and services provided in our economy today are created through a collaborative process in multiple countries. This multi-nation supply chain has allowed for greater access to more affordable goods throughout the world. Navigating a diverse set of countries' laws, regulations, and politics is not an easy task for any company to undertake. Businesses and their host nations rely on skilled managers to continue the on-time production of international goods and services.

Interested in earning a degree that will open up opportunities in the private and public sectors in global and cross-border environments?

The Louisiana State University Shreveport Online Master of Business Administration with an International Business Concentration prepares you for success in large, multinational companies or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to expand. 

Opportunities for graduates of this program include the following high-demand positions:

Career Opportunities with an Online MBA: International Business

Note: Average salary data is provided as of April 2021.

U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Officers: $107,500 - $121,000

Diplomatic roles involving trade and economics typically engage with government officials, private sector leaders, and international organization officials. They foster dialogue between the United States and host countries. Diplomats advocate and promote U.S. trade policies, advance U.S. interests and build trust between country leaders.

Certain temperament and personality characteristics are necessary for this role, including fortitude, flexibility, persuasiveness, adaptability, and public service commitment. Some related roles in U.S. foreign service include management officers, economic officers, and public diplomacy officers.

International Trade Policy Advisor: $73,732

This governmental role specializes in international trade regulations. Advisors help their governments remain stable and successful by growing their economies, enabling businesses to open new markets. International trade policy advisors act as representatives for client companies in business negotiations and transactions and often work with organizations that import resale goods in their countries. Often, they act as representatives for client companies in business negotiations and transactions. This position requires certification credentials which are obtained through the  International Trade Centre in Geneva, Switzerland.

International Trade Specialist: $86,972 - $87,876

This role coordinates financial credit and payment transactions for import/export operations. The trade specialist negotiates on behalf of their organization with international banks and confirms that documents, filings, and regulatory reporting are executed accurately and legally. To perform this job well, one must closely follow international events and changes in laws and regulations that may affect the import/export business. This position may also advise on issues relating to federal and foreign regulations, markets and tariffs.

International Marketing Manager: $106,290 - $141,059

This dynamic position implements strategic international marketing plans for multinational corporations or businesses. International marketing managers must become experts in their assigned markets to adapt plans from their home countries accordingly, including marketing channels, forms of communication, style, messaging, and pricing policies. MBA training in all business operations is valuable for securing and working within specified budgets as well as hiring and managing a staff.

Trade Relations Manager: $109,116

This position researches and analyzes trade developments to identify risks and rewards of potential PR activities or engagements and maintains relationships with trade partners. The trade relations manager ensures that project goals are met within budget. This position typically has full authority for hiring and managing personnel.

Global Supply Chain Manager: $97,256 - $127,814

This role manages supply chain and logistics operations to maximize efficiency and minimize costs in an international organization's supply chain. This involves identifying strategies for different markets, selecting and managing vendors, and collaborating with managers across the organization to develop and maintain distribution center operations. The global supply chain manager has a subordinate staff and works within established budgets. 

Economist: $95,031 - $129,772 (Corporate II level)

Economists design and organize data into report models, interpret the data and generate reports and visual representations of economic conditions. He or she is an organization's eyes and ears into pertinent economic trends and data. Some projects are independent, while some are collaborative. This role commonly reports to all levels of management on business conditions and research implications.

An advanced business degree in international business will equip you with a variety of entrepreneurship, communications, and delegation skills for many professional settings. If you plan on earning this degree, get your passport ready; a world of opportunity awaits!

Learn more about this exciting program offered through LSUS.

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