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How the Online Master of Public Health Can Help You Transition in Your Career

Newsroom | Articles May 15, 2024
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Are you a healthcare professional looking to take your career to the next level? The Master of Public Health (MPH) from LSU Shreveport and LSU Health Shreveport can give you the tools you need— just like it did for Sherry Walker. Sherry, a longtime physician assistant (PA), is using the MPH program to transition from a clinical setting to the academic world. 

If you're a busy healthcare professional considering an advanced degree, Sherry's story may inspire you to take the leap! 

Meet Sherry Walker 

Why did you decide to pursue the MPH degree? 

I had been a Physician Assistant for 27 years before enrolling in the program and needed a master's degree to pursue teaching at the PA School. The MPH program was a good fit for advancing my skills as a PA.  

Describe your time during the program. Did you come across any obstacles? 

The only obstacle I encountered was integrating mandatory type sessions into my busy work and family life, but they were few and far between. Otherwise, the program was easy to navigate with a full-time job and robust, active community life.  

What was your favorite aspect of the program? 

My favorite aspect of this program was the online platform. The weekly module made it very easy to plan around things that I needed to do. Also, most instructors were willing to open up modules or quizzes ahead of time to accommodate any work restrictions that you have.  

How has earning your degree impacted your career? 

I hope to use my new degree to either pivot to a new career or teach in the current one.  

Do you have any advice that you would like to give to prospective students? 

Don't be afraid to dive in and get your advanced degree. I had not attended college since 1996, when I applied and took to the material, technology, and timing easily.  

About the Online Master of Public Health from LSU Shreveport & LSU Health Shreveport 

The online Master of Public Health from LSU Shreveport and LSU Health Shreveport gives aspiring public health leaders the tools to address global health challenges with evidence-based solutions. This CEPH-accredited program offers a rigorous online curriculum and prepares you for careers in health education, epidemiology, and more. The flexible format allows you to balance work, life, and studying. You can also complete it in as little as two years. Learn more about this top-ranked program and take the first step to making a difference in global health! 

Explore the Online Master of Public Health from LSUS & LSU Health Shreveport!

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