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How the Online Flores MBA from LSU Supports Graduates' Thriving Careers

Newsroom | Articles Feb. 29, 2024
LSU Online MBA graduates

Designed for ambitious modern professionals like you, the LSU online Flores Master of Business Administration (MBA) empowers you to gain the skills and knowledge to reach your career goals. Whether you want a leadership role, greater industry expertise, or to start a business, the Flores MBA helps you achieve your aspirations. With this degree, you can join a supportive community of learners guided by renowned instructors and earn a top-ranked degree from an established university– entirely online. 

Introducing the Online Flores MBA from LSU 

The online Flores MBA is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). This rigorous degree offers a tailored pathway for professionals to become leaders in business without attending on-campus classes. Our online MBA program is designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing you to align your degree with your specific interests and career goals. 
Read more to fully understand how the program supports our learners in advancing their careers! 

Real Results, Rewarding ROI 

LSU online Flores MBA graduates' success speaks volumes. A staggering 89% report an income exceeding $75,000, with 36% exceeding $150,000. That's compared to a national median income of just $34,429! Beyond that, 51% of graduates see pay increases, 51% land higher-paying jobs, and 32% secure jobs with better benefits after graduation. These stats translate to real impact – career advancement, financial security, and the ability to pursue your goals. 

Personalized Learning Experience 

The Flores MBA isn't a one-size-fits-all program. You choose a customized core and electives that align with your aspirations. Online specializations include data analytics, emerging technology, and healthcare management. You'll gain expertise in your chosen field and develop vital leadership, management, and critical thinking skills in each specialization. 

A Supportive Community, Anywhere You Are 

Small class sizes foster deep connections with both your peers and expert instructors. This close-knit community extends beyond the virtual classroom, with an engaged network of over 250,000 alumni offering invaluable support and resources. The program also recently reinstated international travel, allowing you to experience diverse cultures and expand your global perspective. 

Flexibility for Busy Professionals 

If you’re juggling work, family, and personal commitments while pursuing an education, this degree is ideal for you. The online format allows you to complete the program while studying at your own pace and convenience. You can also complete the degree in just 18 months. 

Opportunities After Graduation

Our students are highly sought after by top companies across various industries. From PepsiCo, Walmart, John Deere, and JPMorgan Chase to SAZERAC, United Airlines, and more, graduates have secured positions at prestigious organizations worldwide thanks to the skills and knowledge gained through the Flores MBA program. Our alumni network further increases your job prospects and opens doors to new possibilities. 

What Our Students Say 

While we know these exceptional features help students thrive after earning their LSU Flores MBA degrees, you don’t have to take our word for it. Hear what our graduates say about the program's impact: 
"After completing my MBA at LSU, I was able to make the jump out of full-time K-12 education and into corporate learning and development and design. I was only able to make this jump because of my MBA." - Online Flores MBA Graduate 
"After obtaining my MBA from LSU, I've effectively utilized my finance and leadership skills in my current military role at the Pentagon." - Online Flores MBA Graduate 
"I obtained the needed skills to become more confident and to be more assertive. I am also more confident in leadership, expressing my ideas, and utilizing the information that I learned through obtaining my MBA. I was one of the oldest getting mine at LSU, but it was a dream of a little girl that was finally fulfilled. I cried when I walked out of the PMAC and saw the stadium after graduation. My dad instilled love for LSU by bringing me to games in that stadium. Geaux Tigers!" - Online Flores MBA Graduate 
"I was able to make great connections and learn lessons that were valuable to me being able to assume greater responsibilities at work resulting in an increase in compensation." - Online Flores MBA Graduate

Ready to Join the Success Story? 

The LSU online Flores MBA has helped graduates across the nation pursue career advancement, personal fulfillment, and a stable future. If you’re ready to become part of this flourishing community, take the next step. Explore more about the program, or apply today!  

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