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How an MBA Helped My Career in Engineering

Newsroom | Articles Feb. 14, 2022
Corey Shrider LSUS MBA Graduate

Alumni Profile: Corey Shrider

In this profile, Corey Shrider shares his experiences as an online student. Shrider earned his online MBA in Project Management from LSU Shreveport in 2020. He now works as a Senior Drilling Engineer for Precision Drilling. Read further to discover how earning an MBA has helped his career and his advice for current students.

What was your motivation to pursue your MBA?

I wanted to expand my knowledge and learn business best practices. As I looked to become a leader in my organization, I knew it was important to gain additional insight into managing a team of people and other management skills.

What would you say to someone getting their degree online?

Being out of school for nine years, I thought it would be extremely difficult to get back in the flow of things. I jumped in on day one and felt like I was at ease. I would say to make sure and use all resources available at your disposal to help pursue your degree. You can do it!

Corey Shrider at work

How did your MBA help you achieve success?

My degree has helped put me on a better career path that will allow me to be where I want to be in the future.

How has earning your MBA changed your life?

I am able to apply the skills I learned in day-to-day life, not only at work.

What was your favorite aspect of your program?

Not having a strict order of taking classes. If I needed to take a semester off I knew I could do that without disrupting my progress.

What is your best advice on balancing school and other obligations?

Prioritize your tasks. If furthering your education is a priority, make it one!

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Like Corey, you can earn your MBA to advance your career prospects. The right fit for Corey's goals was to focus on project management by pursuing the Online MBA in Project Management from LSUS. Interested students have multiple online MBA options from the LSU family of institutions. Check out all Online MBAs.

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