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Faculty Spotlight: LSU Department of Environmental Science

Newsroom | LSU Online News June 30, 2023
Rebeca de Jesús Crespo & Vincent Wilson Images

The 2023 University Faculty Awards celebrated the accomplishments of several faculty members. Two professors from the Department of Environmental Science have been honored among the esteemed faculty. This recognition reflects their exceptional teaching and research contributions while highlighting the excellence of the Environmental Sciences programs from LSU. Since these programs are offered online, students can learn from these award-winning faculty members regardless of location. 

LSU Foundation Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award: Vincent Wilson, Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, College of the Coast & Environment 

Vincent Wilson, the LSU Foundation Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award recipient, has devoted years to positively shaping students’ educational experiences. With a focus on toxicology and environmental sciences, his courses provide a strong foundation in challenging concepts, empowering students to excel in their future careers. 
According to Professor Wilson, "Winning the LSU Foundation Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award is a great honor, and I greatly appreciate receiving the notoriety for my years of dedication to the learning and advancement of students. Positive feedback from students over many years of teaching has helped drive my dedication and further my commitment to teaching and mentoring students through what is often considered very complex and difficult material, especially in the fields of toxicology." 
Professor Wilson emphasizes the value of the Environmental Sciences degree program. "The courses guide students through a strong base and understanding of challenging concepts with sufficient depth that enables them to use the knowledge and problem-solving skills in their subsequent careers. This may be especially true for the rigorous courses in environmental chemistry and toxicology. 
The online Graduate Certificate in Environmental Health Sciences focuses on the challenging environmental chemistry and toxicology, providing the graduate with a very strong base in these demanding sciences.” 

LSU Alumni Association Rising Faculty Research Award: Rebeca de Jesús Crespo, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, College of the Coast & Environment 

Rebeca de Jesús Crespo is the recipient of the LSU Alumni Association Rising Faculty Research Award. Her work focuses on devising solutions for environmental challenges, especially in urban ecosystems. This recognition underscores the significance of her research as well as the importance of responsibly using and protecting the natural environment.  
According to Professor de Jesús Crespo, "It is a great honor and privilege to receive an award for doing what I love, which is to study urban ecosystems and try to come up with solutions to some of our environmental challenges. Winning this award signifies to me that this work is valued and important, and that makes me extremely proud."  
Professor de Jesús Crespo also highlights the potential of pursuing an online Master of Science in Environmental Sciences. "A master's in environmental sciences opens the door to rewarding and exciting careers in environmental stewardship, management, research, and much more. Many of us want to be part of the solution; our program will give you the right tools to do so." 

Learn From Award-Winning Faculty through LSU Online  

The recent faculty awards continue to shed light on the outstanding faculty members who contribute to the Department of Environmental Sciences. They teach the following courses: 

Through these programs, online LSU students have the opportunity to learn from expert faculty members like Vincent Wilson and Rebeca de Jesús Crespo while being virtual learners. 
The online degree and certificates empower students with the knowledge, skills, and tools to address complex environmental challenges and make a meaningful impact in their chosen careers. Students can graduate to become environmental specialists, marine biologists, ecologists, environmental planners, public policy analysts, and more.  
If you're passionate about the environment and ready to take the next step, explore the programs offered through LSU Online today! 

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