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All About a BS in Finance With a Concentration in Real Estate

Newsroom | Articles Oct. 8, 2021
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The online Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Finance with a Concentration in Real Estate is a unique degree program offered by Louisiana State University Shreveport (LSUS). Building on fundamental business studies, this program explores finance topics as they relate to the real estate industry.

The convenience of this affordable program's online format can be particularly advantageous for working professionals. The program's coursework familiarizes students with professionally applicable business skills and helps develop industry-specific expertise for a variety of interesting careers.

What Will I Study in the Online Real Estate Finance Program?

The LSUS real estate program is practical; it focuses on the application of critical thinking and academic theory in the business world. Core business studies cover a range of subjects, like managerial practices in various contexts, marketing, accounting, finance, statistics, and information systems.

Finance and real estate concentration courses offer a closer look at best practices in the industry. Students study real estate operations in residential and commercial environments, real estate development and investments, valuation and appraisal, taxation, financial services, and real estate law.

What Are the Benefits of an Online Real Estate Finance degree?

This program prepares students to sit for state licensing exams, which will enable them to work as real estate agents. This job is ideal for people who excel in sales, interpersonal relationships, networking, and marketing.

Students will also prepare to work in many other positions in the real estate industry. People with an entrepreneurial drive may thrive as independent real estate brokers. Others may find satisfaction as home inspectors or real estate appraisers.

The LSUS real estate program also offers students the financial and managerial knowledge to pursue lucrative high-level careers in real estate development or investment. calls the role of the commercial real estate developer a "dream job."

A bachelor's degree isn't a requirement to work in real estate. However, many industry employers prefer it. Working for reputable companies with high standards is beneficial for professionals in more specialized real estate roles. These companies tend to offer stability and job security.

The flexibility of online education allows students to continue working while earning a college degree. They can schedule studies around their other commitments like caring for children and family members. All of this can ease the financial burden of earning a degree.

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