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A Great Career in Healthcare Management

Newsroom | From the Faculty July 10, 2024
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Have you ever considered a job where you can make a significant difference in people’s lives? Long-term care administration may be right for you! This field offers a career path with solid leadership and growth potential while allowing you to help older adults in need. LSUA's online Bachelor of Science in Long-Term Care Administration provides the education and practical experience you need to build a career in this in-demand field.  

Get Flexibility and Convenience You Can Count On

Life gets busy. Between work, family, and other commitments, learning in a traditional classroom can be challenging. LSUA's online Bachelor's in Long-Term Care Administration offers the flexibility you need to succeed. You can learn at your own pace and balance your studies with your current responsibilities. This flexibility makes the degree ideal for working adults looking to advance their careers in long-term care administration. 

Pursue A Rewarding Career with High Demand 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a significant 28% increase in demand for medical and health services managers, which includes nursing home administrators. The median annual wage for medical and health services managers was $110,680 in 2023. These stats can mean a bright job outlook for qualified professionals in the long-term care industry. 

LSUA's program equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to take advantage of the opportunities in this growing field. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of: 

  • Team-centered care for older adults 
  • Evidence-based care for vulnerable populations 
  • Effective communication skills 
  • Financial aspects of healthcare management 

The curriculum also prepares you to confidently take and pass the State and National Board exams required for licensure as a nursing home administrator in Louisiana. 

Gain Hands-on Experience Through an Internship 

One of the most valuable aspects of LSUA's program is the intensive internship experience. This structured program places you in real-world healthcare settings, primarily nursing homes and long-term care facilities. During your internship, you'll gain practical experience by: 

  • Being assigned a licensed Preceptor to teach you during the internship. 
  • Working alongside experienced professionals in a healthcare setting. 
  • Participate in the implementation of care plans for the senior community. 
  • Access to an enhanced environment for future job opportunities. 
  • Advanced study curriculum while working with a licensed Administrator. 
  • Developing strong leadership and communication skills. 

The internship requires a minimum of 260 hours in 4 internship classes over a period of 2 semesters, ensuring you understand the daily operations and challenges long-term care facilities face. This experience can give you a significant advantage when pursuing jobs in this field. 

Why Choose LSUA's Online Bachelor's in Long-Term Care Administration? 

Here are some reasons why students choose the online long-term care admin program from LSUA: 

  • Preparation for Success: The curriculum is designed to prepare you for the national and state board exams. 
  • Advancement Opportunities: This degree equips you with the skills and knowledge to take on leadership roles within the long-term care industry. 
  • Top-Ranked Program: This online degree is recognized for its affordability and quality. It ranked #3 on's list in 2022. 
  • Focus on Louisiana Residents: The program is currently only available to Louisiana residents, so you'll receive focused guidance on the specific requirements for licensure in your state. 

LSUA's online Bachelor of Science in Long-Term Care Administration provides a unique opportunity to gain a valuable degree on your schedule. With its focus on flexibility, real-world experience, and career preparation, this program gives you the tools to impact the lives of Louisiana's senior population. Take the first step towards a fulfilling career in long-term care administration. Learn more about the program, or apply today!

Explore the online Bachelor of Science in Long-Term Care Administration from LSUA!


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