Tableau Business & Data Analytics Certificate Webinar

In collaboration with Tableau, LSU Online & Continuing Education is now offering the Tableau Business & Data Analytics Certificate program giving students hands-on practice in relevant analytics tools such as Tableau, MySQL, and Python.

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Lisa Verma

Senior Director, LSU Professional Development

Lisa is the Senior Director of Professional Development and Community Programs for Louisiana State University Digital & Continuing Education. She, and her team, develop and build programs based on the specific educational needs for youth, workforce professionals, and those seeking life-long learning opportunities. Lisa started her career at LSU in 1993 and joined LSU Digital & Continuing Education in 1998. She served on the UPCEA Board of Directors representing the South Region, 2016 - 2018.

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Angelica Rojas

Technical Learning Design Manager, Pathstream

Angelica is a Technical Learning Design Manager for Pathstream, a company that works with colleges and tech firms to bridge the digital skills gap. Angelica has a background working with various EdTech companies ranging from continuing education programs, adult schools, and four-year institutions by leading the development and/or instruction of data science, analytics, coding programs, and certifications to non-traditional learners. Angelica is an alumna from UC Berkeley with a degree in Computational Cognitive Science and Science & Mathematics Education.

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Lauren Pizer

VP of Learning Experience, Pathstream

Lauren Pizer is currently the VP of Learning Experience at Pathstream. She brings over 11 years of experience in learning design, student experience and program management in K-12, higher education, and startups. Prior to joining Pathstream, Lauren designed the student experience and curriculum for several fast-growth education startups. She is also a former design thinking lecturer at Stanford University teaching Designing Your Life, among other courses.

During the Webinar

The newest certificate program from LSU Online & Continuing Education is the online Tableau Business & Data Analytics Certificate offered in collaboration with Tableau. Students who take this certificate program will gain relevant experience that would allow them to seek careers in Business or Data Analysis in a wide range of industries. Students will practice using tools needed for jobs in these areas such as Tableau, SQL, Python, and spreadsheets in a hands-on, online lab environment. The program’s successful completion earns the student a mega badge, a certificate, and 32.0 CEUs upon completion of their program.


Learning outcomes and career outlook


Details about the course learning experience


The value of the Tableau name and the tools taught in the certificate


Choose between pursuing the course, MicroCred®, or full certificate

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