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The Online Distance Learning (ODL) program offers a variety of individual college courses that may be taken by anyone, without being enrolled at LSU. Many students take these courses and transfer the credit to their own institution to fill a need in their degree program. Others take our courses to satisfy continuing education requirements, meet professional development goals, prepare to begin or return to college, and even for personal enrichment.

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Donald Beale

Director, LSU Online Distance Learning

Donald Beale is Director of Online Distance Learning at LSU Online & Continuing Education, where he has worked for the past twenty-one years. He also teaches technical writing at the undergraduate level and has taught courses in English composition and film studies.

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Erica N. Daigle

Academic Technology Specialist and Learning Experience Designer, LSU Online & Continuing Education

Erica Daigle, PhD, is an academic technology specialist and learning experience designer for LSU Online, a division of LSU Digital & Continuing Education. As part of the LSU Online team, she has developed and implemented templates and best practices for teaching college courses online. In her capacity as the academic technology specialist, she works one-on-one with LSU Online faculty members and facilitates faculty workshops on best practices in online course design and teaching. She is also an online instructor.

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Online Distance Learning offers courses options for learners of various needs and background. Whether you need to earn college credit to apply toward a degree, to enhance your professional credentials, or to expand your horizons, ODL offers a range of undergraduate courses and the flexibility to help you reach your goal. Registration is open to anyone at any time. Learn about the benefits of taking an ODL course, as well as how they work and what subjects are available.


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Why take an ODL course and what you can do with the credit you earn


How to register for and complete a course

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