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Online Certificate in Teaching in Health Professions

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Total Credit Hours

Cost Per Credit Hour

Total Credit Hours

Cost Per Credit Hour

Utilize Your Expertise in Health Care to Become an Effective Healthcare Educator.

LSU’s online Certificate in Teaching in Health Professions is the first program of its kind in the country offered out of veterinary medicine. This graduate certificate is aimed at individuals teaching in academic health care, which includes physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists, dental professionals, physical and occupational therapists, physician assistants, nursing and nurse practitioners, and other types of medical professionals who wish to become successful educators in academic health care.

Through courses such as How People Learn, Pedagogical Principles & Best Practices, and Educational Technology; students in LSU’s graduate certificate in Teaching in Health Professions program will learn how to turn their health care knowledge into valuable lessons and become advanced educators in healthcare. Classes are taught by very experienced healthcare educators with over 100 combined years of in higher education. This program will inspire students to become highly effective, innovative health care educators.

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Develops students’ pedagogical content knowledge

You will earn 16 graduate credit hours that may be applied to a master degree in the future.

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Start at multiple times throughout the year

Applicants don’t have to rush to start by a certain date or wait for months on end to begin classes. LSU offers three periods of enrollment: fall, spring, and winter.

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Enjoy the flexibility of online classes

Students can complete the required lessons and coursework of this engaging certificate program from wherever they are in the world. All courses are asynchronous and each course is completed within a seven weeks module

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Complete a capstone project

The final course of the certificate program allows students to utilize their new knowledge and skills in an immersive capstone project.

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Total credit hours per program: 16 credit hours

Cost per credit hour: $417

Total cost with fees: $6,672

Cost per credit hour and fees are subject to change. Exact fees may vary by program. Please consult an Enrollment Concierge for the final program cost.

Course Listings

  • How People Learn: Implications for Choices and Approaches in Teaching and Learning in Health Care Education | Credit Hours: 3
  • Pedagogical Principles and Best Practices for Teaching in Health Care Education | Credit Hours: 3
  • Curriculum Design in Health Care Education | Credit Hours: 3
  • Assessment and Evaluation in Health Care Education | Credit Hours: 3
  • Basic Principles for Educational Technology and Social Media in Health Care Education | Credit Hours: 3
  • Capstone Project in Health Care Education: Practicum and Current Issues in Health Care | Credit Hours: 1

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree through an accredited institution (or the international equivalent) is required.
  • Applicants should have at least a 3.00 GPA on all undergraduate and graduate course work already completed. If GPA or work requirements are not met, applicants can submit a MCAT, GMAT or GRE test score.

Why a Certificate in Teaching in Health Professions?

Throughout their demanding day-to-day responsibilities, health care professionals acquire a breadth of invaluable experience which they often will need to teach to other practitioners. This means many health care professionals professionals will need to expand on their teaching and educational skills to effectively share their expertise with medical professionals who need it most. LSU’s Certificate in Teaching in Health Professions provides these professionals with the necessary tools to translate their knowledge into rewarding, effective classroom teaching. Students who complete the program walk away with a thorough applied knowledge in vital health care education topics, such as the science of learning, designing curricula and evaluating programs, utilizing educational technology to improve learning outcomes, and understanding the fundamental nature of and factors behind successful adult education.

The coursework completed in the program will help establish graduates as education leaders and trusted health care educators in their respective fields. The graduate certificate will help professionals stand out among their peers and be more competitive for in-demand health care educator positions.

What makes this program unique?

LSU’s Graduate Certificate in Teaching in Health Professions is a one-of-a-kind program beneficial to health care professionals and educators from all medical backgrounds. The courses are specifically designed to help students tackle the real-world conflicts and responsibilities that health care educators face to improve their pedagogical skills. Because the program is 100 percent online and offers multiple start dates throughout the year, students can engage with their studies while maintaining their personal and professional commitments. And with a faculty with respected backgrounds in medicine education, veterinary medicine education, medical educational technology, and more, graduates leave the program confident the lessons they learned throughout the program will prove beneficial to their careers.

Why choose LSU?

The passion and excellence that LSU stands for have earned the school a coveted "Tier One" spot in U.S. News & World Report's “Best Colleges.” As the state’s flagship university, LSU has been preparing students for rewarding careers for nearly 150 years. Today, LSU is equally proud of its strides to make education more accessible through innovative online degree programs that are every bit as rigorous as its on-campus programs.

Through the dedication of an exceptional faculty and staff, LSU is one of only 30 universities in the United States designated as a land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant institution. In addition, LSU is the only public top-tier university—and the only university in Louisiana—to receive the honor of being placed in the "very high research activity" category by the Carnegie Foundation.

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