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Developing Leaders in Global Industries

As the world progresses, leaders need to arm themselves with strong problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt. They should also be able to build innovative plans to tackle complex issues. LSU provides several online engineering, construction, and safety programs to help you gain these skills and effectively become one of the world’s future leaders. LSU offers access to a range of highly demanded degrees and certificates. Topics include Environmental Health Sciences, Industrial Engineering, Construction Management, and many more. By providing quality online education, we aim to equip you with the ability to rise to any challenge within today’s global economy.

Why Earn Your Online Engineering, Construction, or Safety Degree with LSU:

  • Earn your certificate 100% online
  • Work around your schedule without disrupting your personal and professional obligations
  • Discover potential career opportunities and advancements
  • Potentially earn college credit for learning completed outside of the classroom through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).


Frequently Asked Questions

Each degree program's costs are broken down on the page for that program. LSU Online seeks to offer a competitive cost per credit hour among all of its programs.

Engineering, construction, and safety courses at LSU Online are explicitly designed to be completed online. This means classes can be completed within flexible time frames.

LSU Online offers a wide variety of graduate engineering and construction programs, undergraduate engineering programs, and construction and safety certificate programs. Topics include: mechanical and electrical systems, construction plan reading, traffic engineering, and supply chain operations & logistics systems

LSU Online is a great choice! The best school for each individual is the one that meets their education and career goals the best. Our online engineering and construction programs provide all of the benefits of a high quality, traditional education from LSU. Added benefits include flexibility and convenience. Several of our online engineering programs have been featured on the U.S. News' Best Online Programs. LSU Online partners with all institutions across the LSU family. This allows students to select the best program that fits their needs for learning style, cost, support resources, and educational focus.

SU Online offers competitive pricing on its engineering, construction, and safety degrees and certificates. Our online engineering and construction programs have been featured on most affordable online college lists ( Since LSU Online offers programs from multiple LSU institutions, students can find incredible value not available with other options. We also provide an Enrollment Coach that can help identify financial aid options that can make your education even more affordable.

Each online engineering and construction program has unique requirements. The advantage of LSU Online is that students have a wide variety of choices to select the best program for them.

LSU Online offers world-class customer service to make your experience as streamlined as possible. Enrollment Coaches can assist you with your enrollment, mapping out your degree, and more. We want you to thrive in your online program, so you can achieve your academic and career goals!

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