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Develop Skills for Today's Business Climate

Today’s leaders in the world of business possess a dynamic combination of technical and leadership skills. The online business programs from LSU Online are designed to help professionals hone their skill sets to become thought leaders within their own business discipline. The online business degrees and certificates listed below are all designed for an online experience with busy professionals in mind. Learn more about each program and continue your learning journey today.


Why Earn Your Business or Professional Degree with LSU Online:

  • Study at a top-rated globally established program
  • Build valuable professional relationships with successful alumni
  • Discover potential career opportunities and advancements
  • Learn to think like an entrepreneur
  • Work around your schedule without disrupting your personal and professional obligations

Frequently Asked Questions

Business courses at LSU Online are explicitly designed to be completed online. This means business classes can be completed within flexible time frames.

LSU Online offers a wide variety of graduate business programs, undergraduate business programs, and business certificate programs. Topics include: accounting, business management, data analytics, digital marketing, finance, leadership, marketing, and project management.

Completion of a bachelors program ensures you will be prepared to attempt graduate level business programs. Our Enrollment Coach team can help you understand what credits you are missing and what learning experiences you may be able to count towards your next degree.

LSU Online is a great choice! The best school for each individual is the one that meets their education and career goals the best. LSU Online provides all of the benefits of a high quality, traditional education from LSU. Also, added benefits include flexibility and convenience. LSU Online partners with all institutions across the LSU family. This allows students to select the best program that fits their needs for learning style, cost, support resources, and educational focus.

LSU Online offers competitive pricing on its business degrees and certificates. Since LSU Online offers programs from multiple LSU institutions, students can find incredible value not available with other options. We also provide an Enrollment Coach that can help identify financial aid options specific to you to make your education even more affordable.

Each degree program's costs are broken down on the page for that program. LSU Online seeks to offer a competitive cost per credit hour among all of its programs.

Each online business program has unique requirements. The advantage of LSU Online is that students have a wide variety of choices to select the best program for them.

LSU Online offers world-class customer service to make your experience as streamlined as possible. Enrollment Coaches can assist you with your enrollment, mapping out your degree, and more. We want you to thrive in your online program, so you can achieve your academic and career goals!

The LSU family of institutions offers several Online MBA degree choices. Find your path among focus areas like accounting, project management, and marketing. View more information here: Online MBAs

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