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Why You Should Finish Your Degree with LSU Online

Newsroom | Online Student Info Dec. 17, 2021

Finishing your college degree later in life can be challenging, but extremely rewarding. Work, family, and other responsibilities can be difficult to balance as you make your way through this new chapter of your education journey. However, the benefits of finishing your degree program are well worth the effort. Enrolling in an online university could provide the accommodations you need to succeed while being able to follow through on all the responsibilities in your life. Whether you are finishing (or just starting) your bachelor’s degree, LSU Online is committed to ensuring that every student is equipped to pursue their career goals. Here are eight reasons why you should finish your degree as an online student

Learn At Your Own Pace

The vast majority of classes offered by online universities are specifically designed to be as flexible as possible. It is understood that most online students have responsibilities with high priority and need programs that will fit into their busy schedules. Rather than being delivered at a set time, coursework is arranged by the instructor into suggested modules that can be completed whenever you see fit. These typically include pre-recorded video lectures, outside readings, and learning assessments.

Further Your Career

A bachelor’s degree can open up a plethora of career opportunities that would be otherwise unattainable. According to a study conducted by The Georgia University Center, 60% of all jobs in the United States required some form of higher education. This study also found that the pay gap between those with bachelor’s degrees and those with just a high school degree doubled since the 1980s. Employers place a high value on an individual who has shown they have the skills, knowledge, and dedication to perform well at their job, and a college degree is a great way to back that up.

Online is the Future of Work

Advancing technology is changing the way people work, and employers expect new hires to be adaptable to this ever-changing digital landscape. It is estimated that by 2025, 22% of all jobs in the United States will be conducted remotely. Working from home can have the same challenges and rewards as learning from home. If you already have a workflow set in place and an understanding of your optimal way of getting work done from home, this would be a great asset when looking for any kind of remote employment. Online classes can prepare students for a possible remote job and give them the necessary skills to be efficient as virtual professionals.

Work When/Where You Want

Being enrolled in an online college means being able to attend class wherever you have an internet connection. This flexibility can provide unique learning opportunities while fitting in with the rest of your life. Your coursework will be waiting for you no matter the time or location. Whether you want to complete lessons during lunch, on the weekends, or at 3 A.M, online schools will be ready and able to accommodate your schedule. When you do not need to step foot on campus, there is no need to spend time driving and walking to class. This can allow for more time spent completing schoolwork and focusing on other matters in daily life.

Same Quality Education

A misconception regarding an online degree program is that it is easier or less valuable than traditional in-person education. This is simply not the case. Online schools that are offered alongside traditional degree programs award the exact same degree as their in-person counterparts. Many professors even teach the same classes between the two divisions, meaning that the same standard of education is being upheld. An employer will not think less of your credentials if you have an online degree. If online college is the best option for you to grow and learn, then you should be able to do so without fear of judgment.

Personal Accomplishment

Life can be unpredictable and not everything can go as originally planned. No matter what your reason was for leaving college, having an unfinished degree can leave one feeling dissatisfied. Having nothing to show for the efforts that were put forth to earn the degree can be discouraging. Online schools actively work with your past credit hours to give you the maximum amount of credit possible making it easier to earn your degree in less time. Knowing you were able to finish your degree using work you already received credit for will bring immense satisfaction.

Scholarship Opportunities

College is an expensive investment to make, especially if you have concerns regarding how much you have saved up. To help with the cost, there are scholarships that have been specifically created for adults who are returning to school. For example, the Working Parent College Scholarship Award sponsored by gives $1000 scholarships to parents working full-time or part-time jobs while enrolled in school. Finding the right scholarship will make earning your degree easier and make paying for tuition a less stressful endeavor.

LSU Online Is Here For You

Taking classes through an online program can make a seemingly impossible task achievable. LSU Online is ready to help you succeed both during and after your time with us. While enrolled, you will have access to a concierge who will assist you with any issues from your first day of class to your graduation. Your instructors will be easily accessible through email and video chat meetings if required. All LSU Online students also gain access to our career center, where career advisers will review resumes and cover letters for specific jobs and give leads on where to go searching for new jobs upon graduation. After graduating, students will gain access to the LSU Alumni network where networking opportunities and job listings can be found.

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