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Why You Should Get Your BSN

Newsroom | Articles Oct. 28, 2021
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Why you should consider an RN to BSN online program

Earning a BSN is the best way for registered nurses to further their careers. Typically taking anywhere from 1-2 years, nurses who partake in a BSN education acquire skills and knowledge that can make them more competitive in the job market. Hospitals across the country are seeking nurses with the abilities needed to keep up with the increasing demands of the modern health industry.

While nurses do not need a BSN to practice as an RN, it is highly recommended that those currently employed or those who want to enter the health industry go through a nursing program that offers a BSN degree. Here are five reasons why you should pursue a BSN.

Build on Previous Education

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing builds on the principles taught during an Associate Degree program. The coursework typically revolves around how to provide a higher standard of care and techniques in how to manage supplies, time, and people. This provides an insight into both the conceptual and real-world aspects of the higher levels of nursing.

Further Your Nursing Career

Having a BSN opens many chances for career growth that a standard registered nurse would not be able to pursue. There are a variety of specialized nursing fields that a nurse with a bachelor’s degree can pursue such as emergency room nursing and orthopedic nursing. A BSN can also make a way for leadership roles within and outside of hospital walls. Nursing Management and Administrative roles could also become available with enough working experience. Roles that take place away from a hospital bedside include policy-making and teaching.

Receive Higher Earnings

The investment of an online BSN education could very well pay for itself and more overtime. On average, BSNs make $15,820 per year more than the average RN. This combined with the opportunities for career growth can provide for a strong financial future.

Hospital Demand

A hospital staffed with a high proportion of nurses who have earned their BSN, among other standards, can receive a Magnet designation from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. This title recognizes only the highest quality hospitals and carries with it great prestige.

Increased Patient Wellbeing

Highly educated nurses directly benefit the very patients they are looking after. Their dedication to the field of nursing symbolized by their degree manifests itself in how they care for the sick. This commitment leads to extremely important roles in improving health care. Studies have shown that hospitals with higher percentages of nurses who have earned their bachelor’s degree have fewer complications per patient and even have lower mortality rates. The education received through a BSN can create strong positive results in the lives of patients and their families.

Get Started on Your BSN Pursuit!

In order to achieve the benefits of a BSN, those interested must enroll in an accredited nursing program. LSU Online’s RN to BSN program provided in conjunction with LSU of Alexandria is ranked by as the #1 best online program of its kind. The 45-credit hour track provides a thorough look into nursing principles and can be completed in 14 months at an affordable cost.

Discover the opportunities available with a BSN from LSU Online.

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