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Why Pursue an Online Doctorate in Leadership Studies

Newsroom | Articles Jan. 17, 2024
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Effective leadership is the key to success in various sectors, including business, education, healthcare, and government. As organizations seek dynamic leaders who can navigate complex challenges and drive innovation, the demand for people with this expertise continues to grow. An online doctorate in leadership studies offers a flexible and accessible way to develop the skills to pursue these opportunities.  
LSU Shreveport's online Doctorate of Education in Leadership Studies is a valuable tool for professionals in any field who desire to sharpen their leadership abilities. 

Benefits of Earning an Online Doctorate in Leadership Studies  

Earning an online doctorate in leadership studies has several advantages: 

  • Flexibility and Convenience: Online programs help professionals balance their studies, work, and personal commitments. This flexibility makes it especially valuable for mid-career working professionals.
  • Accessibility: An online program offers high-quality education to learners from various backgrounds, breaking geographical barriers and physical limitations. Such inclusivity and diversity can positively influence the overall program experience. 
  • Customizable Learning Experience: Many online universities allow students to specialize their education to align with their career goals. 
  • Career Advancement: An online doctoral degree opens doors to higher-level leadership positions. As organizations seek top-tier executives with advanced qualifications, a degree can improve career prospects and earning potential. 

Who Should Consider This Degree? 

This leadership studies program is ideal for mid- to late-career professionals. Applicants should seek advanced research skills and desire to apply leadership theories to their field to enact transformative change. While it is commonly mistaken for an educational leadership degree, this program requires substantial leadership experience. This requirement makes it more suitable for K-12 Principals and Superintendents than teachers. 

Graduates may also pursue impactful roles in other industries, including positions such as: 

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • College President
  • College Faculty
  • Chief Learning Officer
  • Provost
  • Health Care Clinic Director
  • Health Administrator
  • Hospital Communications Director
  • Director of Emergency Response 

About the online LSU Shreveport Doctorate of Education in Leadership Studies 

At its core, the LSUS Doctorate in Leadership Studies is a comprehensive online program that dives deep into leadership theories, strategic application, creating data-driven outcomes, and more. The curriculum teaches group dynamics, mentorship strategies, learning and development, organizational power dynamics, and research methodologies. It also emphasizes problem-solving through teamwork with stakeholders. 

The program offers three concentrations designed to cater to specific industry needs: 

  • Leadership Studies: This concentration focuses on exploring innovative strategies that drive organizations. It offers students a chance to learn through practical approaches.
  • Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management: This concentration equips professionals to assess risks, break communication barriers during crises, and improve their emergency management skills.
  • Health Communication & Leadership: Tailored for those in the health sector, this concentration enhances a leader's ability to integrate technology, improve communication, and lead organizations within different healthcare settings. 

Are you ready to make meaningful strides in your chosen field? LSU Shreveport's online Doctorate of Education in Leadership Studies is your route to increasing your leadership capacity. Learn more about this degree or apply now.  

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