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Why Communication Studies is the Perfect Major for Finishing Your Degree

Newsroom | From the Faculty June 4, 2024
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You’ve decided that finishing your bachelor’s degree is the key to unlocking new opportunities, but it can be overwhelming to navigate all the choices that are available. How do you know which major will best ensure your success? What skills are most employers looking for? Is it wise to pick a new career path?  Maybe you’re just curious and need more information and guidance to make the best decision for your future. 

If this sounds like you, consider earning the online Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies degree from LSU Alexandria! This valuable degree equips you with skills in high demand across all industries.  

Learn more about why this program can be an excellent choice for students hoping to finish their degree.

Build a Transferable Skill Set  

You can use the practical skills you gain through a communication studies program in your career and in almost any area of your life. Use them to deliver a presentation, clearly express your ideas in writing, or negotiate a solution during a team meeting. There's almost no end to where you can employ good communication.  

In the communication studies degree program from LSUA, you'll develop a set of skills that include: 

  • Visual Communication: Design, create, and analyze visual media. 
  • Media Writing: Learn to gather information, interview sources, and write effectively in a rapidly changing media landscape. 
  • Media Literacy: Understand the legal landscape and ethical considerations surrounding mass media. 
  • Communication Research Methods: Analyze communication patterns and their impact. 
  • Technology & Communication: Explore how technology influences communication across different contexts. 
  • Persuasion & Influence: Master the art of persuasion and understand social influence in communication.

These skills are vital for excelling in any workplace. They can also translate into your personal life and strengthen your ability to connect with family, friends, and colleagues. 

Unlock Countless Career Opportunities 

Communication is a critical part of most jobs. Whether you're a doctor explaining a diagnosis, a teacher leading a classroom, or a software developer collaborating with colleagues, being able to share ideas effectively sets you up for success. A communication studies degree focuses on honing this ability, making you a valuable asset in any workplace. 

However, what you can learn in this program goes beyond basic communication. A communication studies degree can also develop your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. You can learn to analyze complex situations, identify key issues, and clearly articulate solutions. Such skills are highly sought-after by employers across various industries. 

Graduates find fulfilling careers in a wide range of fields, including: 

  • Marketing and Public Relations: Develop compelling marketing campaigns, craft persuasive press releases, and manage a company's brand image. 
  • Human Resources: Effectively recruit and onboard new employees, conduct performance reviews, and navigate workplace conflict resolution. 
  • Sales: Build rapport with clients, present your ideas persuasively, and confidently close deals. 
  • Education and Training: Create engaging learning materials, deliver clear and concise instruction, and connect with students of all ages.

Communication studies provides a powerful toolset that opens doors to diverse and exciting career paths. In addition, communication-related careers offer excellent growth potential. As you gain experience and become more skillful, you may be able to advance to leadership positions or specialize in specific areas within your chosen field.

Learn to Adapt in a Changing World 

The world of work is always changing. Still, the knowledge developed through communication studies is applicable across time and industries. Building these skills can keep you relevant in a rapidly evolving job market. The best communication studies programs equip you with the foundational ability to continually learn and adapt to different styles, modes, and ways of communication. This education can prepare you for a lifetime of career success no matter what the future holds. 

Complete Your Degree with LSU Alexandria 

Ultimately, earning an online Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from LSUA is an investment in your future. This flexible, affordable program allows you to complete coursework at your own pace, making it ideal for nontraditional learners seeking to complete their degrees.  

You may also be able to use Credit for Prior Learning or transfer credits to save time and money on your degree. Connect with an Enrollment Coach to learn more! 

Don't let an unfinished degree keep you from reaching your personal and career goals any longer. Take the next step! Explore LSUA's online BA in Communication Studies, or apply today. 

Explore the Online Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from LSU Alexandria!

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