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Why Choose the Online Bachelor of General Studies Program at LSU Shreveport?

Newsroom | From the Faculty May 17, 2022
Mary Jarzabek Director of General Studies

Why Choose the Online Bachelor of General Studies Program at LSU Shreveport?

The Bachelors in General Studies at LSUS is uniquely structured to allow talented students to develop diverse skill-sets that will be useful in the real world. It’s one of the most flexible degree programs you’ll find anywhere. The online general studies program lets you develop your diverse interests by choosing from several areas of study, meaning that you can mix and match your classes to suit your career goals. Students can take Business classes side by side with Digital Arts, or explore Non-Profit Administration and Leadership Studies together with Mass Communications. This flexibility means that it’s perfect for self-motivated and entrepreneurial students who are more interested in building skills than getting a degree in a traditional field. It’s also the perfect choice for students who have transfer credits from other campuses: its multi-disciplinary approach means that many of those credits fit right in.

Supportive Advisors Help You Find the Right Path

Each student will be assigned a faculty advisor who will explain the program and guide you in your class choices. Your advisor will ask about your goals and ambitions and will work to ensure that as many of your transfer credits as possible are used in your degree. When it comes to course selection, the Bachelor of General Studies offers you the widest possible range of options, letting you choose from all the online accelerated courses taught at LSUS. You can plot your own path or select one of our pre-built curricula designed to develop skill sets required by a range of five-star Louisiana jobs.

What are the Career Opportunities with the Bachelor of General Studies Degree?

This program can prepare you for a broad range of career paths. Our graduates enter business management, education, community health, media arts, social work and so much more. They become teachers, corporate managers, physical therapists, athletic coaches, and private business owners. Others have used the degree as a stepping stone to a Master’s Program. Where will your Bachelor of General Studies take you?

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