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'The Good Place,’ ‘Evil,’ And TV’s Godless State (Huffpost)

Feb. 27, 2020

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Dr. Holly Wilson, Chair of the Department of Arts, English and Humanities at LSU Alexandria, was recently quoted in a HuffPost article titled ‘The Good Place,’ ‘Evil,’ And TV’s Godless State by Candice Frederick.

Making sense of religion, a divine, omnipotent deity, and heaven and hell is difficult with today’s apocalyptic-feeling social climate and society’s cynical attitude. Today’s entertainment has tapped into this feeling of having lost all hope in humanity.

Dr. Wilson mentions that “It is good to not be completely trusting all the time, but if you question an alternate reality long enough with suspicion, where can you maintain hope and trust and belief in the goodness of reality?” Questioning faith and religion is far from a new concept, but having mainstream media challenge deep-rooted religious ideas is certainly a change of pace.

Read the full article here.

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