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Is an Online Bachelor of Science in Nursing Worth It?

Newsroom | From the Faculty March 15, 2024
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Nursing is a rewarding career dedicated to caring for others. As the demand for healthcare professionals grows, nurses play a crucial role in helping an aging population and boosting healthcare teams. Hospitals seek to hire top-notch caretakers, so nurses are encouraged to get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). This degree helps them stand out and opens doors to better job opportunities. 

Are you interested in taking on leadership roles in your career? LSU Alexandria offers an online RN to BSN that can empower you with the skills to succeed. To join the program, you must have graduated from an accredited nursing program in any state and hold an unencumbered RN license.  

Advantages of Pursuing an Online RN to BSN Degree 

1. Career Advancement
Earning a BSN can drive career progression. Institutions increasingly prefer or require nurses to hold a BSN due to the expanded knowledge base and advanced skill set it offers. This degree opens doors to higher-paying positions, leadership roles, and specialized areas within nursing practice. 

2. Skill Enhancement
The curriculum of an RN to BSN program emphasizes further development of critical thinking, evidence-based practice, leadership, and management skills crucial for delivering high-quality patient care. 

3. Flexibility
Online BSN programs provide the flexibility essential for working nurses to balance their professional commitments with earning an education. The accessibility of coursework at one’s convenience allows students to maintain their work schedules while advancing academically. 

4. Return on Investment
While pursuing higher education involves a significant consideration of time and money, an online RN to BSN program often yields a positive return on investment. Increased job opportunities and the potential for career growth can outweigh the initial costs. LSUA’s online program has also been recognized for its affordability, providing a cost-effective path to a BSN. 

Debunking Misconceptions About Online Nursing Programs 

1. Quality of Education
Though online education is becoming increasingly more common, some people may still doubt the quality of education in online programs compared to traditional on-campus learning. However, LSUA maintains rigorous educational standards for all programs.  Online RN-BSN students receive an education and degree that is equivalent to that of students who attend on-campus programs. 

2. Lack of Support 
Contrary to misconceptions, many online programs often offer robust support systems. From dedicated faculty guidance to technical assistance and virtual peer interaction, students receive comprehensive support throughout their educational journey at LSUA. 

About the Online RN to BSN Program from LSUA

The online RN to BSN program from LSU Alexandria provides registered nurses with skills that empower them to pursue leadership opportunities in the field. With a focus on evidence-based practice and quality improvement projects, this program integrates real-world experience into its curriculum. 

Program Highlights: 

  • Flexibility: Ideal for working professionals, the online RN to BSN program’s flexible format accommodates busy schedules. 
  • Leadership Development: Courses are designed to bolster leadership skills and prepare students for graduate studies and higher-level nursing roles. 
  • Practical Curriculum: Through the career-relevant curriculum, graduates emerge equipped with contemporary skills in nursing leadership theories, effective communication, evidence-based practice, professional standards application, and using information systems to support nursing practice. 
  • Rankings: LSUA’s program was recognized as the #2 Best Online RN to BSN Program in Louisiana by in 2023. 

If you want to elevate your career while equipping yourself to become more effective in healthcare, the online RN to BSN from LSUA provides an excellent pathway. Learn more about the program or apply now! 

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