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How To Apply: LSU Graduate Programs

Newsroom | Online Student Info Jan. 16, 2024

Are you considering pursuing an advanced degree through LSU's online graduate programs but feeling overwhelmed by the application process? LSU Online & Continuing Education offers a comprehensive "How To Apply" video to guide you through each step. 

Short on time? Here are some of the major points: 

Admission Requirements 
Before diving into the application, understand LSU’s minimum requirements. These include holding a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, maintaining a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 credit hours, and more. Depending on the program, additional requirements such as standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose may apply. 
Getting to the Application 
Accessing the application is the initial step. Visit, click "Apply Now" in the top corner,  select your degree level, and then your program of interest. For a comprehensive view, explore the program list under "View All Programs" on the homepage to access information about costs, admission requirements, and course listings. Select your desired program, note the upcoming start date, and hit "Apply" to access the application system. 

Creating an Account 
Creating an account is straightforward. After completing the initial information, you'll receive a temporary PIN via email to set your password. Use this login to start a new application, choose the application type and term, and then begin your application. Remember, you can save your progress and return later. 

Completing the Application 

Program of Interest 
Navigate through the application by selecting your admissions and degree type. Ensure you use the specific dates mentioned on the website for reference. Choose the degree type, program, state of residency, and the term you’re applying for. 
Application Instructions 
Pay attention to application instructions, which cover queries about employment, application fees, and minimum university requirements. Carefully read through these instructions to ensure accurate completion. 
Personal Background 
Complete the section with your personal details: name, address, email, and phone number. 
Academic History 
Provide transcripts from all previously attended institutions. Add institutions, dates attended, and level of study, and optionally upload unofficial transcripts. If you’ve previously attended LSU, you may not have to reapply. If you have not, select “No,” for all questions. 
Application Attachments 
Upload required documents like your resume, a statement of purpose, and any additional materials deemed necessary by the department. 
Department Information 
Answer the required questions; for online applicants, select "No," for both sections. Online applicants do not need to fill out the relevant coursework summaries and funding sources sections. 
Test Scores 
Include test scores if available. Select “Add Test,” choose the test type, dates completed, and your scores. LSU accepts unofficial scores initially but requests official scores later. 
Briefly outline your employment history, keeping in mind that you're already uploading your resume. If you are receiving tuition reimbursement, select “Yes.” Then, provide the employer’s name.  
Disciplinary Information 
Answer the questions regarding your personal and academic background. If you select “Yes,” for any questions, you will need to upload additional information. 
Letters of Recommendation 
Depending on your program, select the appropriate recommendation form and provide the recommender's details for them to submit their recommendation. 
Authorization and Review 
Agree to share data with LSU, use the application fee waiver code (APPLYNOW) if applicable, and certify the accuracy of your application information. Review any missing documents.  
Admissions Process 
After submitting your application, await the decision. Decisions typically arrive within a week, though certain programs might take longer. Monitor your application status through your portal or contact your Enrollment Coach for updates. 

Begin Your Dream Career With LSU Online 

Completing the application for a graduate program can seem daunting, but LSU Online aims to make it as simple as possible. For further assistance or inquiries, please reach out to an Enrollment Coach who can provide personalized guidance. 
Ready to start your academic journey? Explore our available graduate programs, and apply today! 

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