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How Online Education Prepares Students for the Remote Workplace of Today

Newsroom | Articles Feb. 13, 2022
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Today’s workplace is vastly different than ever before. More employers are offering remote work access, hours are less fixed, and teams must learn to communicate with members from across the world. The way we work is changing, and flexibility is key.

The number of people who work remotely has increased in recent years, and this number is only predicted to grow. As jobs requiring basic skills are outsourced to technology and automation, future workers will need more specific skills to compete.

Online learning is uniquely positioned to meet this need. Over the last few years, we have seen just how significant distance learning is. It has greatly changed how the classroom looks.

Coursework can be done over the internet, teachers can give lessons through video conferencing, and classroom collaboration relies on group messaging apps. Online education has presented a new set of problems, but it has also created new solutions.

While it can be tempting to long for the traditional classroom of the past, blended learning is here to stay. We live in an increasingly digital age, and virtual learning mirrors the future of work.

In fact, students who have experienced remote learning will be better equipped for telecommuting in several ways.

Responsibility & Self-Discipline

Most online learning programs have an element of flexibility built into them. Students can often complete coursework on their own schedules, and discussions happen via online forums or other tools. This setup allows students to learn when it is best for them. It also provides an early opportunity for students to balance all of their life’s responsibilities.

At the same time, students must also learn to manage their time well. Students need to have self-discipline in order to succeed when they can work whenever and wherever they choose. Discipline may come with other positive qualities, like self-motivation and organization. Such traits are essential for a successful remote worker.

Time Management

Time management is an important skill. In a modern workplace, employees would have difficulty performing job duties without it. Because online education provides students flexibility, they are expected to independently manage their assignments. The instructor does not control the day’s schedule, and there are no signals that mark when it’s time to work on one thing or another.

Because of this, students will need to learn to handle deadlines and schedules on their own. Additionally, as students engage with virtual learning, they will have more opportunities to practice overcoming issues like procrastination. By the time they enter the workforce, these students should be able to practice efficient time management.

Collaboration & Communication

Online learning doesn’t allow students to work in the same physical location, but it offers plenty of opportunities for collaboration. Students interact with each other and the teacher through chat, discussion boards, emails, and video.

Online learners get the chance to constantly improve their communication skills, but they also get to do it through many mediums. Additionally, virtual communication can be unclear when done incorrectly. Because of this, students must develop the ability to create a clear and concise message for their audience.

Employers in all industries often look for candidates with excellent communication skills. They also seek employees who can work well with others. Online learning provides the foundation for effective communication and collaboration in the digital workplace.

Technical Skills

One of the most obvious benefits of online learning is the development of strong technical skills. Online education helps students expand their abilities to use new tools for communication, scheduling, and learning. Many of these digital tools are used in various workplaces.

In a virtual learning environment, students become experts in using these platforms. But even more than that, these learners gain the skills to navigate new tools. Technical skills can translate well to the workplace, remote and in-office.

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