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How an Associate of General Studies Prepares You for Diverse Career Paths

Newsroom | Articles May 20, 2024
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Are you seeking an education as diverse as your career goals? The online Associate of General Studies (AGS) degree from LSU Eunice (LSUE) could be the perfect fit! Our comprehensive program empowers you with a versatile skill set to meet the demands of today's evolving job market. 
Learn how a general studies degree can prepare you for a long and varied career!

Flexibility and Exploration 

Associate degrees typically offer a broad curriculum across disciplines like humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics. This structure allows you to discover several academic areas before committing to a specific major. The beauty of the general studies degree lies in its flexibility – you can tailor your coursework based on your interests and potential career goals. Whether you're drawn to business, communications, or even healthcare, the online Associate of General Studies provides an opportunity for exploration so you can make informed decisions about your future. 

Strong, Transferable Skills 

An associate degree is a valuable stepping stone for those wanting to pursue a bachelor's degree. The coursework transfers to many four-year institutions (including those in the LSU family), which can contribute to a smooth transition to your chosen field. Beyond its transferability, our general studies program lays a strong academic foundation for your future goals. You'll develop essential critical thinking and analytical skills that prove beneficial in countless professions and other academic pursuits. The Associate of General Studies also complements various bachelor's programs, from business administration to social work. This foundational degree can help you build a skill set that is applicable across disciplines. 

Adaptability in a Changing Job Market 

The interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum in this degree program helps you navigate the constantly changing job market. By exploring different subjects, you gain a broader career outlook. This perspective is key to developing the ability to adapt to changing industry demands. The online AGS from LSUE also fosters the development of soft skills such as communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. These highly sought-after skills can set you up for success in virtually any career path you choose. 

Earn Your Online Associate of General Studies with LSU Eunice 

Whether you dream of working in business, education, or a field yet to be discovered, the online Associate of General Studies from LSU Eunice can move you toward your goals. Take the first step! Explore the online general studies degree, or apply today!

Discover the online Associate of General Studies from LSUE!

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