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Careers in Public Health

Newsroom | Articles Dec. 2, 2021
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Career Opportunities Available with a BS in Public Health

Public health professionals are at the forefront of promoting wellness and encouraging healthy choices among various groups. Specialists in this field are often essential to researching and evaluating health issues in their communities.

Public health students are equipped to undertake the complex problems within healthcare systems and services. As such, a bachelor’s degree in public health will prepare graduates for positions in several industries. Many careers even go beyond a clinical setting. Read on to learn what professions this degree can support.

Public Health Career Pathways

A bachelor of science in public health can translate to many job opportunities, from emergency preparedness specialists to community health advocates. As an expert in this field, you can also find positions in areas like laboratory research or epidemiology. The following are just a few career pathways that a graduate with a public health degree could pursue:

Emergency Response Coordinator

Emergency response coordinators (otherwise known as emergency or disaster preparedness planners) prepare specific plans and processes for responding to issues such as natural disasters or other community threats. These professionals often lead the response efforts during and after emergencies.

They may also work with public health and safety officials, politicians, non-profits, and government agencies. Emergency responses coordinators can find positions at the local, state, or federal levels. Usually, a bachelor's degree is required.

Health Educator

Health educators teach communities how to incorporate healthy behaviors into their daily lives and habits. They do this by creating and organizing programs that promote wellness among children and adults. Health educators also help provide awareness for unhealthy behaviors like smoking or overeating.

These professionals can find jobs in schools, hospitals, non-profits, government agencies, and private organizations. A bachelor’s degree is generally required, but some positions may require a graduate degree.

Community Health Advocate

Community health advocates evaluate the health needs of the community and advocate for solutions. They often assist community members in receiving the healthcare they need by guiding them to the right services. Public health advocates work to support children, the elderly, or any other at-risk population.

These professionals ultimately promote healthy living and advocate for policy changes while educating the community. Education requirements generally include a bachelor's degree for many positions.

Infection Control Coordinator

An infection control coordinator’s job is to help reduce the threat of infections by monitoring and investigating infectious diseases. Duties may include observation in high-risk areas, working with public health officials and medical professionals, or changing and implementing healthcare regulations to stop disease from spreading.

Occasionally, infection control coordinators may also train medical and healthcare staff to protect themselves and their clinics from infectious diseases. Professionals in this position can normally find work in hospitals, nursing homes, or other medical clinics. A bachelor’s degree is generally required.

Public Health Researcher

Public health researchers are responsible for gathering and analyzing data and laboratory results to evaluate a population’s health. Public health researchers may also examine the risks that threaten communities. Additionally, they observe the role biology, habits, and the environment have in a community’s health.

These professionals often build case studies from this information. Other public health professionals use the data to help better serve communities through education programs and initiatives, healthcare policies, and regulations.

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