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6 Reasons Why the Online Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from LSU is Ideal for Working Professionals

Newsroom | Articles May 26, 2023
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As working adults seek sturdier foundations in anticipation of economic uncertainty, industrial engineering is emerging as a top discipline of choice. The field offers an in-demand career path that can provide stability, steady growth, and a high earning potential, which is crucial now more than ever. According to, industrial engineering is also one of the ten best-paying college majors, five years after graduation, with a faster-than-average job growth outlook from 2021 to 2031. 
Whether you are a professional seeking to pursue a new field or an experienced engineer desiring career advancement, an online Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE) from LSU can help you tap into this high-growth, high-demand field-- without compromising your work or family responsibilities. This online program equips students with the education necessary to navigate the complex and constantly changing world of industrial engineering.  
Want to learn more? Here are six key reasons why the online Master of Science in Industrial Engineering program from LSU is the perfect fit for working professionals: 

1. Flexibility for Busy Professionals 

One of the most significant advantages of the online MSIE program is its flexibility. The program was designed with the needs of working professionals in mind, allowing you to pursue your degree without sacrificing your current job or personal commitments. With asynchronous online classes and the ability to access course materials at your convenience, you can easily balance your studies with your professional responsibilities. 

2. Expert Faculty 

As a working professional, instructors and other faculty can play a vital role in supporting your educational journey. With their expertise, knowledge, and experience, the LSU faculty provide valuable mentorship and guidance, even online. Our faculty are experts in the field of industrial engineering and bring a wealth of knowledge to the virtual classroom, providing students with a rich and practical learning experience they can use in their workplaces. Our experienced faculty is undoubtedly one of the reasons why U.S. News & World Report ranked this program as one of the best online programs for a master’s in engineering.

3. Dedicated Student Support and Student Interaction  

Despite being an online program, the MSIE from LSU ensures that you never feel alone in your academic journey. LSU Online provides dedicated student support throughout the program in the form of Enrollment and Student Support Coaches. These coaches can help answer any questions you have along the way and guide you to the resources you need. Additionally, the program’s design fosters interaction among students and faculty through virtual collaboration tools and discussion forums. 
Mark Richard, a graduate of the online MSIE program from LSU, highlights the collaborative aspect of the MSIE. “The thing I’ve enjoyed most about the program is getting to know and working with other students... One of the big things I’ve learned is the teamwork aspect.” 

As Mark shows, in this master’s program, you will have the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals, share ideas, and engage in meaningful discussions while earning your master’s degree.  

4. High Earning Potential 

As mentioned earlier, industrial engineering has proven to be one of the best-paying college majors for degree-seekers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for industrial engineers was $95,300 in 2021. Additionally, acquiring an online master’s degree in industrial engineering can significantly enhance your career prospects, which may also lead to increased earning potential. With a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from LSU, you will gain the credentials and skills necessary to pursue a lucrative position in this field, regardless of where you are in your career now.  

5. Future Growth and Demand 

Many professionals want to earn an education that is also a good financial investment. According to and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for industrial engineers is projected to grow 10%, faster than average, in the coming years. Industrial engineering also offers one of the strongest potential returns on your education investment, as the median salary, projected growth, and the number of jobs that will be available are the best overall within the engineering field. The online MSIE from LSU is a respected and highly-ranked program designed for students to learn everything they need to take advantage of the field’s future growth. 

6. Suitable for Career Changers 

With flexible program requirements and a wide-ranging curriculum, the online Master of Science in Industrial Engineering program from LSU is also an excellent fit for working professionals with a non-engineering degree who are interested in pursuing a career in engineering. The curriculum provides a comprehensive foundation in the principles and practices of industrial engineering, especially in the design, improvement, and integration of integrated systems. This makes it an ideal option for students from different backgrounds who want to develop the advanced skills necessary to thrive in the field of industrial engineering.  

Advance Your Career with LSU Online 

The online Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from LSU offers working professionals a convenient and comprehensive pathway to advance their careers in industrial engineering. With a flexible format, expert faculty, dedicated support, and robust curriculum, the program provides the ideal platform for getting the education needed to thrive in this dynamic field. Ready to start your educational journey with us? Learn more about the program today, or enroll now!  

Discover the online Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from LSU!

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