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5 Reasons to Get an Online MPA Degree

Newsroom | Articles Sept. 24, 2021
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Should you get an Online MPA degree?

A Master in Public Administration (MPA) is often advertised as an alternative to an MBA. Both an MPA and MBA offer courses centered on core business skills like organizational management and professional communication. However, MPA degree programs provide training and experience to those interested in working closely with government agencies or nonprofit organizations.

Deciding on a public administration program can be a challenging process. It is often just as hard to decide whether to get your MPA degree online or on-campus. Knowing the benefits of earning an online MPA can give you insight into selecting the best program for you. Here are five reasons to choose an online master of public administration.

Opportunity to Make an Impact

An MPA can provide a great starting point for those who want to make a difference in the world. Most public administration programs cultivate strong leadership and management skills. Such skills will be of good use as you engage in working to better your community.

With the training received from an MPA program, you can work with local legislators or nonprofits. In these positions, you may begin to make impactful changes in areas like public health or social justice. An online MPA degree, like the one from LSU Online, gives you these same benefits. You also get more flexibility in how you take your classes.

Potential for a Higher Salary

Earning your MPA from an online program does not change its potential for high value. People with MPA degrees fill many executive leadership roles in government, private organizations, and the nonprofit sector. Roles with increased responsibilities tend to have generous pay and benefits packages.

Additionally, starting wages for MPA graduates are typically higher than the average starting salary of other degree holders. While most people do not enter the public administration field for money, the possible high compensation can make it more appealing.

Pursue a Career with Job Stability

In general, pursuing a career in public administration can provide strong job security and career advancement. Working with government agencies can offer an unmatched sense of stability, a good salary, and comprehensive benefits. You also have the chance to secure a position in federal, state, or local government. Public administrators are necessary for almost every industry, so MPA professionals are often in demand within the private sector, too.

Gain Flexibility in Your Career

With its focus on public organization, communication, and people management, an MPA provides training in versatile subjects. Graduates of an online MPA program will be able to leverage their expertise in a wide variety of roles. Potential industries include politics, education, international development, urban planning, news and broadcasting organizations, global organization management, consulting companies, and healthcare. There is an almost unlimited range of career paths that MPA graduates can pursue.

Run for Key Offices in Government

If one of your professional goals is running for public office, you would be in good company. Many elected officials have a master's degree in public administration. This degree offers a chance to become an expert in many relevant public sector topics, including policy analysis. However, an online master's in public policy may be better for those interested in analyzing policy issues instead of pursuing leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Online Master of Public Administration

Even after considering the benefits of earning an online MPA degree, many people still have questions. Answers to some of the most pressing concerns about salary, education costs, and more are listed below.

How much does a Master of Public Administration cost?

MPA degree programs can vary in cost due to many factors. The online Master of Public Administration from LSU Online costs only $25,092, with all fees included.

What will the salary be of an MPA graduate?

Salaries for MPA graduates will differ based on location, experience, and employers. However, according to Payscale, the average starting salary for those with a Master of Public Administration is $69,000 per year.

How long does it take to get an MPA?

A public administration program can take anywhere from one to two years to complete. Full-time students will typically be able to complete LSU Online’s MPA program within two short years.

Is Getting an MPA degree worth it?

If you desire a leadership role in public administration, an MPA can help you gain the skills you will need. LSU Online’s Master of Public Administration degree provides knowledge and skills in relevant topics, including public policy and affairs. We also offer financial aid programs and other cost-saving solutions. This makes our program one of the most affordable and best MPA degree programs available.

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Careers in public administration can be rewarding and long-lasting. If you are ready to move forward into this fulfilling profession, we can help. Contact our enrollment concierges to learn more about our online MPA program, or apply now!

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