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LSU is not only one of the most highly respected universities in the country, it is also one of the most beautiful

A Special Track To LSU’s Flagship For LSUA Students

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Within LSU Online, LSUA students are able to complete their degree at the LSU flagship campus. The process is flexible and convenient.

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World-Class Customer Service

From the moment you express interest, LSU Online is here to help. Our team of Enrollment Coaches are trained in answering questions on admission requirements, courses, and learning outcomes. If you are not sure which program is the best fit they can help guide you down the right path based on education and career objectives. Once you have gained admission to LSU Online, a Student Success Coach will be your eyes and ears on-campus, offering guidance and support. This team is here to offer assistance on registration, scheduling classes, and financial aid. They work toward one goal: helping you complete your degree.