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A Special Track To LSU’s Flagship For BRCC Students

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LSU Online’s mission is rooted in delivering in-demand, affordable programs with the flexibility and convenience for today’s learner. We are proud to offer Baton Rouge Community College (BRCC) students looking to complete their degree at LSU's flagship campus an accessible, affordable, and accredited online track.

Variety of Options

Louisiana Transfer Degree Guarantee

Louisiana provides a Transfer Degree Guarantee to allow students to directly transfer their coursework from a 2-year community college to a Louisiana 4-year public university through these options:

  • Provide the Associate of Arts/Louisiana Transfer Degree or an Associate of Science with a minimum grade of a “C” in each course
  • Meet LSU transfer admission requirements
  • Transfer 60 credit hours of coursework

NIH Bridges to the Baccalaureate / Bears 2 Tigers

Students who are seeking degrees in Biological Sciences or Chemistry, or graduates with an associate’s degree in business, science, engineering or humanities and social sciences also have options through the Bridges to the Baccalaureate program as well as those who graduate with an associate’s degree in business, science, engineering or humanities and social sciences through the Bears 2 Tigers program.

Learn more about each of these programs by visiting Bridges to the Baccalaureate and Bears 2 Tigers.

World-Class Customer Service

From the moment you express interest, LSU Online is here to help. Our team of Enrollment Coaches are trained in answering questions on admission requirements, courses, and learning outcomes. If you are not sure which program is the best fit they can help guide you down the right path based on education and career objectives. Once you have gained admission to LSU Online, a Student Success Coach will be your eyes and ears on-campus, offering guidance and support. This team is here to offer assistance on registration, scheduling classes, and financial aid. They work toward one goal: helping you complete your degree.

Transfer Steps

In order to transfer, a student must:

  1. Complete 30 or more transferable (academic, non-remedial) credit hours from a regionally-accredited college or university.
  2. Maintain a 2.5 academic GPA on all transferable college work attempted.
  3. Receive a grade of “C” or better in a college-level english and math courses that fulfilled a general education requirement at the institution where it was taken.

Students who will not have 30 transferable credit hours by the time they plan to enroll at LSU can still be considered for admission if they meet all remaining transfer requirements and freshman admission requirements. For more information regarding transfer student admission (important dates, GPA calculation, senior college requirements, additional transfer information, appeals, etc.) please visit LSU Undergraduate Admissions’ Transfer Student Admission page.

Our Enrollment Coaches are ready and waiting to help you to learn more. They can help with transfers, admissions requirements, financial aid, and more. Call today!