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Apply today to the state’s flagship institution: Whether you’re completing a degree, starting a brand-new one, or looking to advance in your career with a professional certificate, LSU admissions are straightforward and easy to navigate.

All applications can be completed online and submitted electronically, as can official transcripts from other institutions.

Admission to LSU is not required for enrollment in online distance learning (ODL) college credit courses. You may enroll at any time and take from three weeks to six months to complete a course. If you are a currently admitted LSU student, you must have permission from your school or college before enrolling in an ODL course.

Graduate Students

A majority of LSU Online students have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, and are looking to extend their education with graduate coursework, often to help unlock doors in their profession. LSU offers graduate programs and courses for dozens of industries and professions, creating new career pathways for graduates around the country.

Undergraduate Students

LSU Continuing Education offers undergraduate credit certificates designed for the person who seeks college-level skills related to a possible career, or who may be considering pursuing a degree at some point. LSU’s online offerings help undergrad students move forward to the degree and future that they want..