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Moodle May 2024 Updates

May 7, 2024

As we transition from the Spring term to the Summer term, we're excited to announce updates to enhance your experience with Moodle. Please take note of the following changes scheduled for mid- to late May 2024.

New Features

Read-Only Course Mode: After the 2024 Spring term, past teaching courses will enter a read-only mode to freeze the academic records. Instructors can continue to access course content by using Simple Restore and Selective Import (for more information, see GROK 20596: Moodle: Read-Only Course Mode). Contact to receive accommodations for students with Incomplete grades.

Global Search: We are enabling a Global Search function that allows users to perform a keyword search on the Moodle site anywhere they currently have access. More details on using the global search functionality can be found in the Moodle documentation.


Time Zone Option: We're giving you more control over your experience by letting you select your own time zone. This modification aligns with the LSU Online Moodle site’s previous settings.

Hidden Section Visibility: By default, hidden sections in brand new courses will be set to be completely invisible to students. This can still be changed in the Course Settings area.

Panopto Login Update: The "LSU Online Moodle" login option within Panopto will be removed. Please select "LSU Moodle" if prompted to log in.

Randomized Passwords for Attendance Activity: The Attendance activity will regain the ability to randomize passwords for students. This functionality is helpful in ensuring attendance verification and giving you greater control over attendance management.

Tool Support

Turnitin Assignment 2 Activity Deprecation: The Turnitin Assignment 2 activity will no longer be supported or available to add to courses. Instructors are encouraged to utilize the current Turnitin Plagiarism Plugin integrated directly into Moodle Assignment, Workshop, Forum, and Quiz activities (see GROK 20591: Moodle Activity Settings: Turnitin Plagiarism Plugin).

Outdated Tool Support: Our Academic Technology Team will be contacting instructors using outdated tools to assist them in upgrading to the current supported versions to ensure optimal functionality and security. We are committed to ensuring that you have access to the latest technologies to support your teaching and learning endeavors.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these upcoming changes and explore the new features available in Moodle. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our Faculty Technology Center. Reach the FTC at or call (225) 578-3375 option 2.

Thank you for your continued partnership in delivering quality education.

Geaux Tigers!

Note: This article will continue to be updated through the end of May with more details, additions, and relevant links.