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Course Design & Development

Man viewing the Getting Started with Your Course webpage

Getting Started with Your Course

An effective course is more than just uploaded content in a Moodle course. It requires a thoughtful integration of design elements with a logical organization of content in Moodle. This category includes tools and tips for getting started.

Woman viewing the Creating Effective Learning Experiences webpage

Creating Effective Learning Experiences

Once you have your course blueprint, let’s turn our attention to what goes into creating engaging and memorable course experiences. This category includes tools and tips for choosing the best Moodle learning resource or activity based on your design, and how to create various activities and content.
Woman viewing the Facilitating an Online or Blended Course webpage

Facilitating an Online or Blended Course

No matter where teaching and learning take place, the importance of your being present and engaged with your students is critical for a positive student learning experience. This category provides resources around some key considerations in facilitating your online or blended course.
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Course Accessibility

Accessibility is more than just a mandate; it is integral to a positive learning experience for all of your learners. Moodle itself is accessible. It is up to you to ensure what you add to Moodle is also accessible.