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Design Resources

See below for a list of resources and support services for you to use as you design, develop, or teach your online course.

The LSU Online Design & Development team has put together a Learning Design Glossary of Terms. This is not an exhaustive list, but there is a focus on online and blended delivery modalities.

The Preparing for the Start of Your Online Course checklist can be used as you prepare for the start of a new term. It includes links to resources for additional information.

The LSU Online team has created a Moodle template for faculty to use as they develop their blended or online course. The template provides an accessible foundation for courses and includes guidelines and components that are based on best online pedagogical practices. Request the Campus Moodle template for your course(s) by completing the Campus Moodle Template Request Form.

Depending on the volume of requests, it may take approximately 2-3 business days to fulfill your request.

The Stay Connected with Zoom document includes considerations and strategies to follow when using Zoom in your courses.

The Six Best Practices for Effective Online Teaching document provides faculty with some research-based best strategies for effective teaching online.

The Tools for Video-Based Instruction document provides an overview of LSU video tools recommended for providing live (synchronous) lectures, recorded content, and video assignments.

The Instructor Support Referral Guide includes information on various support services at LSU to assist you and your students with technological, course-related, or student-related issues or concerns.

The process of cross-enrolling courses in Moodle combines two student populations from different Moodle sites into one Moodle course (this is different from cross-listing courses). For example, if a department lists the same course as a campus web-based offering and as an LSU Online offering, and they are offered in concurrent terms, students enrolled in the web-based course can be transferred into the LSU Online Moodle course, where instruction will take place for the combined roster. Departments and faculty may choose to cross-enroll courses to consolidate teaching assignments, which may be more cost effective and efficient for departments with limited teaching opportunities. This will also give different students in the same course a consistent learning experience across sections, as traditional students and online students have access to the same course design and materials.

A note on summer cross-enrollment: Because the summer terms for LSU Online (start 5/4) and LSU campus (start 6/8) are not aligned, we are not able to cross-enroll courses between campus Moodle and LSU Online Moodle during summer 2020. When accelerated summer terms begin in 2021, we will be able to cross-enroll summer courses.

We are still able to cross-enroll microcred courses between either campus Moodle with CE Moodle or LSU Online Moodle and CE Moodle. This is because there is no term limitation in CE Moodle. However, we cannot cross-enroll both campus and LSU Online courses with CE Moodle microcred courses because of term misalignment between campus and LSU Online courses.

Below is a list of considerations when you are deciding whether to cross-enroll a course.

  • Campus Web-based students and LSU Online students must each have a course offering to register for, and the term lengths and dates must match. Your department should create both courses in mainframe: one web-based course for an accelerated campus term and one course for the LSU Online term. You must be assigned as the instructor of record/primary instructor for both courses.
  • In mainframe, indicate that the course is web-based (WB in Delivery Method slot) and 100% online (W1 in Special Enrollment slot). In addition, the remarks for the campus web-based course should indicate the date range of classes and that it is 100% online.
  • Consider Academic Calendar dates for each term and any differences that may occur (e.g., last day to add a course). Cross-enrollment only affects Moodle enrollment, so each group of students will adhere to the appropriate academic calendar. No later than one month prior to the start of a term, complete and submit the Cross-Enrollment Request survey in Qualtrics.
  • No later than one month prior to the start of a term, complete and submit the Cross-Enrollment Request survey in Qualtrics.
  • About one week prior to the start of the term, import our cross-enrollment placeholder course into the Moodle course from where you are transferring students. This placeholder contains instructions for accessing your teaching course to which students will be transferred. You can find the placeholder course here: Remember to make it available to students.
  • Grades for each population of students will need to be transferred at the times listed on the academic calendars. This means that two separate sets of grades will need to be transferred. Be familiar with the dates that midterm and final grades are due for each student population.
  • For instructions on importing, see GROK article 19848. If you would like assistance with backing up and importing courses, contact the Faculty Technology Center (; 225-578-3375, option 2).

Visit the LSU Online Training & Events page for information about registering for the Cross-enrollment Information Session.