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Learner Support

LSU Continuing Education

The success of every student is paramount to LSU. The University provides multiple student support services to ensure that no matter where they are, students can access support and resources. Our support staff works hard to educate, encourage, and support learners through all stages of their enrollment, whether they have questions before they register, while they are enrolled in a course, or after their course is completed.

Enrollment Specialists

When you have questions about any of our courses or programs, enrollment specialists help navigate the enrollment process with you. They can answer credential and prerequisite questions, process payment, and help you get started in your program.

Online Distance Learning Courses

Julio Interiano at his desk

Julio Interiano

Enrollment Specialist

Professional Development, Pre-College, and OLLI at LSU

Mia Collette at her desk

Mia Collette

Enrollment Specialist

Learner Coordinators

Learner Coordinators are usually the first person you connect with in your journey to starting a Continuing Education program. They will discuss your goals and help get you in touch with the best person to get started.

Samantha Camarda at her desk

Samantha Camarda

Learner Coordinator

Program Support

Once you are enrolled in a program or course, specialized support is available to assist you, whether it's a course online, on campus, or on-site, they focus on the details to ensure you have what you need to succeed.

Online Distance Learning

Miranda Ambeau at her desk

Miranda Ambeau

Learner Specialist
(students with M-Z last names)

Stacey Vessel at her desk

Stacey Vessel

Learner Specialist
(students with A-L last names)

Professional Development

Kristy Anthony at her desk

Kristy Anthony


Madison Foss at her desk

Madison Foss

Program Coordinator

Kelli Harrison at her desk

Kelli Harrison

Assistant Director

Del Johnson at her desk

Del Johnson

Program Coordinator

Abigail Theriot at her desk

Abigail Theriot

Program Coordinator

Pre-College and Science Fair (LSEF)

Tiffany Bacon at her desk

Tiffany Bacon

Program Coordinator


Tarilyn McBride at her desk

Tarilyn McBride

Program Coordinator