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Online Bachelor of Science in Learning Experience Design and Innovation


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Develop Training Programs That Help Organizations Thrive

The Online BS in Learning Experience Design and Innovation (LXDI) prepares students to be leaders and pacesetters in the design and development of high-quality online learning and training programs for business; government; local, national, and international non-profit organizations; and colleges and universities. Students will learn to direct and manage learning experience design projects, work strategically with talent management professionals, and utilize learning analytics to create transformative online learning experiences. Online learning is the future of employee development in organizations and the job market for online program development skills is growing rapidly. Graduates of the LXDI program will be at the forefront of this new and exciting field.

Save Time and Money - Apply Your Past Experience to Earn Credit Towards a Bachelor Degree in Learning Experience Design and Innovation

Total Credit Hours

Cost Per Credit Hour

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Cost --- Online Learning Experience Design 

The final cost of this program will be determined once all transfer credits are evaluated. For the BS LXDI program, you are able to transfer up to 75% of previous credits. LSU Online also offers financial aid to qualified applicants. Click here to learn more.

Total credit hours per program: 120 credit hours

Cost per credit hour: $379

Total cost with fees and maximum amount of credits allowed to transfer into the program: $11,370

Total cost with fees, no transfer credits and no financial aid: $45,480

Cost per credit hour and fees are subject to change. Exact fees may vary by program. Please consult an Enrollment Concierge for the final program cost.

Course Listings

Course Listings --- Online Learning Experience Design 

  • ENGL 1001: English Composition | 3 credit hours
  • ENGL 2000: English Composition | 3 credit hours
  • MATH1021: College Algebra | 3 credit hours
  • MATH 1431 Calculus with Business and Economic Applications | 3 credit hours
  • CMST 1061: Fundamentals of Communication | 3 credit hours
  • ENGL2029: Drama | 3 credit hours
  • WGS 2500: Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies | 3 credit hours
  • General Education Natural Sciences: 9 credits
  • General Education Social Sciences | 6 credit hours
  • General Education Arts: | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 2070: Principles of Learning Experience Design | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 2723: Introduction to Leadership Development | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD3065: E-Learning Experience Design | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 3068: Learning theory and practice in LXD | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 3071: Principles of Human Resource Development | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 3171: Instructional Design for Training | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 3200: Learning Technologies in the Workplace | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 3271: Leading Learning in Human Resource Development | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 3571: Needs Analysis in HRD | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 4025: Principles of Adult Learning | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 4068: Project Management & Team Leadership | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 4067: Innovative Learning Content Design for LXD | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 4077: Design Thinking for LXD in the Workplace | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 4150: Creating Change Through E-Learning in Organizations | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 4464: Worker Stress & Health | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 4568: Teams & Groups in Organizations | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 4569: Applied Leadership | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 4581: Advanced Organizational Psychology & Work Behavior | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 4585: Consulting in Organizations | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 4603: Evaluation in HRD | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 4573: Managing the Human Resource Development Function | 3 credit hours
  • LHRD 4069: LXDI Capstone | 3 credit hours
  • ISDS 1100: Introduction to Management Information Systems | 3 credit hours
  • CMST2061: Communication for Business and the Professions | 3 credit hours
  • MGT 3200: Principles of Management | 3 credit hours
  • INTL 2000: Contemporary Global Issues | 3 credit hours
  • Elective | 3 credit hours
Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements --- Online Learning Experience Design 

First Time Freshman

  • 3.0 Core GPA on the 19 units of college-preparatory high school courses as outlined in the LSU Core
  • 1030 Old SAT (Critical Reading and Math)/1100 New SAT (Evidence Based Reading/Writing and Math)/23 Composite ACT
  • Must be eligible to enroll in university-level English and mathematics courses, as evidenced by a minimum ACT English subscore of 18 (a New SAT Writing and Language score of 25 or Old SAT Critical Reading score of 450) and a minimum ACT Math subscore of 19 (a New SAT score of 500 or Old SAT Critical Reading score of 460)

Transfer Student General Admission Requirements

  • 30* or more transferable (academic, non-remedial) credit hours from a regionally-accredited college or university
  • 2.5 academic GPA on all transferable college work attempted
  • A grade of “C” or better in a college-level English course that fulfilled a general education requirement at the institution where it was taken
  • A grade of “C” or better in a college-level Math course that fulfilled a general education requirement at the institution where it was taken

*Students who will not have 30 transferable credit hours by the time they plan to enroll at LSU can still be considered for admission if they meet all remaining transfer requirements.

To see about transfer credits please check out the TIGER TRANSFER TABLES

Re-Entry Student Admission Requirements

Students interested in applying for re-entry to LSU must have a 2.0 GPA on all LSU coursework and must meet the requirements for their prospective senior college. Students who have attempted 30 or more hours at another institution must also have a 2.5 cumulative GPA on all college work attempted. For your senior college specific requirements please check out the Re-Entry Student Requirements per College.

If you feel like you do not meet any of the above qualifications please reach out to your Enrollment Concierge team member as there are different evaluation pathways for non-traditional students to take.

Undergraduate students who are reviewed and admitted by meeting LSU A&M general admissions requirements but do not meet the admittance requirements to a senior college have two admissions options:

Option 1

Students can start with The University College Center for Freshman Year (UCFY). This academic unit is designed for new freshmen and some transfer and re-entry students. Their mission is to prepare incoming students for success at LSU and to help define their academic and career goals. Students typically exit the UCFY at the conclusion of the freshman year and enter one of the degree-granting senior colleges at LSU.

Option 2

Students can start with The Center for Advising and Counseling (UCAC). This administrative unit serves as the academic home for students who have attempted 30-plus hours of college credit and who do not yet meet the admission requirements for one of the University’s degree-granting senior colleges.

For a list of specific senior college requirements please visit the LSU A&M Undergraduate Admission page.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities --- Online Learning Experience Design 

  • Training and Development Specialists
  • Learning Experience Designers
  • Learning Specialists
  • Learning and Development Specialists
  • Workforce Development Specialist
  • Instructional Designer
  • Educational Administrators
  • Instructional and Curriculum Designers
  • Vocational and Professional Instruction
  • E-Learning Designer
  • User Experience Designer
  • E-Learning Designer or Developer
  • Learning Strategist
  • E-Learning Consultant
  • Course Developer
  • Training System Administrator
  • Training Implementation Specialist
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Job Training Specialist
  • Management Development Specialist
  • Technical Trainer
  • Computer Training Specialist
  • Training & Development Manager
  • Instructional Technologist
  • LX Designers 
What Will I Learn?

What Will I Learn in the Online Learning Experience Design Program? 

Students who graduate with an online learning experience design degree will be prepared to execute projects in learning experience design and will be well versed in the latest innovations in the field. 

Topics covered in this degree include: 

  • Best practices for training and development 
  • Matching workplace performance issue with appropriate learning solution 
  • The learning experience design process 
  • Online course and digital module design 
  • Learning experience design project management 
  • Learning value assessment 
  • Learning value impact measurement 
  • Technology evaluation for online degree and certificate program utilization 
  • Learning outcomes development and execution 
  • E-Learning experience design 
  • Business communication 
  • Instructional design for training 
  • Adult learning principles  


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