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Get Job-Ready with the LSU Tableau Business & Data Analytics Certificate

Newsroom | Articles Aug. 11, 2020
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Each day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created, and this pace is only increasing. If you’re curious, a quintillion is one thousand trillions. What’s even more fascinating is that 90% of the world’s data was generated over only the last two years. This points to a serious—and urgent—need for professionals with the skills to manipulate, analyze, and interpret data across industries.

Data analyst jobs are clearly growing rapidly across the globe, with the world expected to produce 50 times more data this year than in the last decade combined. According to Burning Glass Labor Insight, in the U.S. alone:

  • There were over one million job posts looking for analysis skills in the last year
  • Demand for Tableau skills has increased 10-fold in the last five years
  • Analytics skills are increasingly required across various industries and roles, including in project management, marketing, customer relationship management, healthcare, and technology

To meet the demand of the workforce, LSU Online & Continuing Education has partnered with Pathstream to offer the Tableau Business & Data Analytics Certificate. In this fully online program, developed in collaboration with the data visualization software company Tableau, students learn the analytics skills and tools they’d need to be successful in entry-level jobs. Using Pathstream’s custom online learning platform, students will get hands-on practice using tools such as Tableau, MySQL, Python, and spreadsheets. Students complete projects that are based on real on-the-job scenarios, using course content and software that is continually updated to ensure it is always up-to-date. Students can use those projects to build a portfolio to showcase their skills to future employers.

This program prepares students for careers in analytics—specifically job titles such as Business Analyst and Data Analyst. Material is aligned to the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification exam, so students can expect to have a strong head start in exam preparation after completing this program. After taking this certificate, students can:

  • Pursue an entry-level job or internship
  • Apply their analytics skill-set to their current jobs
  • Pursue a promotion

The LSU Tableau Business & Data Analytics Certificate is unique because it is:

  • Interactive and lab-based - To learn, you will actually practice using digital tools in real-life scenarios, not just watch videos about them. Students go through labs and projects that mirror the challenges they’ll face on the job. The tools—like Tableau and MySQL—are accessible at the click of a button within the Pathstream platform. No downloads or setup required.
  • Accelerated and focused - This program teaches you what you need to know to succeed on the job, because we know students need these skills fast. It’s a focused experience that includes the most critical information needed for success. The program can be taken at your own pace, is fully online, and is built for working professionals.
  • Focused on what happens next - The hardest part of gaining new skills can sometimes be putting them to use. This program doesn’t end after the skills are gained and the certificate is earned—resources focused on helping students get the job or the promotion they’re seeking are built in.
  • Personalized to ensure your success - You’ll work with an instructor to answer questions you have and get individual feedback on your projects. While the course content is all online, with no lectures to attend, you’ll always have support if you need it.
  • Broken down into MicroCreds® - You can choose to take the full certificate, or choose a MicroCred® that will give you the specific skill set you’re looking for—Business & Data Analytics Foundations, SQL, Tableau, or Statistics.
  • Designed to show off your skills - Whether you choose to pursue a MicroCred® or go for the full certificate, you’ll earn a digital badge co-branded with LSU and Tableau to showcase to future employers.

One student who completed the program told us: "Tableau Business & Data Analytics Certificate program has provided extremely valuable experience and exposure to numerous aspects of my analytics role. Classes provide the skill sets that are both immediately useful in my current role as well as set a foundation for skills on which I can continue to expand in the future. I could not recommend this program more highly for people that either want to create a solid base knowledge to move into an analytics role or hone the skills already acquired through an analytic career path.”

Watch the recording of our recent informational webinar.

Learn more about the Tableau Business & Data Analytics Certificate.

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